Im Making a Book

Im making a fan book about destiny best place to post it?

Maybe you should try Inkitt. If people really like the book, you can get it published if that’s what you’re into. Otherwise, just try fanfiction websites. Plenty of them, and post your creations!

im wanting to post in the Collective so people can read it

Use Wattpad. A lot of stories are posted there

With almost anything you post it and then put a link up here. You see, there aren’t actually that many people on commons so you should also put it somewhere else. Wattpad and Inkitt are both great. Read up on them and make your pick. And good luck too! If you want peeps to check if your work aligns with lore then this is the right place.:+1:

I might post it here to get reviews and see if i need to change stuff around im doing it in a journal form
just i quest can a story in a journal form have dialogue

also i dont know if wattpad is blocked so yea

Just looked its blocked

another reason i’m posting it here so i can copy it on any computer