Into The Light (Exotic Machine Gun Idea)

Whoo. Okay. First time doing this. Let’s go.

So first, let me lay down what inspired this thing, then I’ll give the big reveal as to what it is.

If you guys know me from previous threads and Forums, its no secret that I am a full-blown Dredgen, but that I am a Dredgen because they - unlike the Vanguard Loyalists (snitches) - are not bound by Vanguard policies, principles, laws, and bureaucracies (Can’t believe I spelled that right.)

So, as a Dredgen, we are unbound - unleashed. We are taking the cap off our light and the safeties off our guns. We are letting the whispers change our names.

So why not have another weapon that unleashes itself like we do ourselves?

Enter: Into the Light

Weapon Type: Heavy Machine Gun
Weapon Archetype: Varies.

Weapon Description:

“…And out of the shade.”

Weapon stats:

Impact: 45
Range: 70
Handling: 40
Reload Speed: 45
Magazine Size: 70 rounds
Aim assist: 40
Recoil Direction: 100

TTK: I think about 0.53?

Perk tree 1, option 1: Genocide: Changes weapon to Rapid-fire Frame. After a reload, this weapon receives greatly increased damage, stability, and ammo capacity based on the number of kills achieved before reloading. Missed bullets will hinder your buff.

Perk tree 1, option 2: Deicide: Changes weapon to High-impact Frame. This weapon receives extra damage and stability as you deal precision damage. Consistent precision hits return ammo directly to your magazine. Buff disappears after a kill, de-scoping, or weapon swap.

Perk tree 2: Hammer-forged Rifling: increases range.

Perk tree 3: High-caliber Rounds: Increases range, causes more flinch.

Perk tree 4, option 1: Predator of All: Aiming down sights increases target acquisition and grants Truesight.

Perk tree 4, option 2: Slayer of One: Aiming down sights with this weapon increases precision damage, slightly reduces incoming damage, but immobilizes you.

Perk tree 5: Feeding Frenzy: Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.


"So, there I was. Hunkered down in a makeshift bar in the Cosmodrome built out of the rusting shell of an airplane, shuffling a card deck from my last victory at Poker, when this Guardian walked in, dressed in all black - a hood and cloak covering everything from the top of his head down the length of his back. It was torn - like it had just seen the worst gunfight in the world. Strapped to his back was the most menacing piece of metal I’d ever seen. It was made of a combination of Golden-Age tech, Dark-Age hardware, and some other parts I’d only ever seen - and some I’d only heard of - in Weapons of Sorrow.

His armor was covered in blood - green blood, shimmering off the carbon-fiber plating on his chest, arms and legs - an obvious sign that he’d been off killing the Hive that infested the old Warmind sensor arrays.

It was a lot of blood. He’d either killed a lot of Thrall…

…Or one really big Ogre.

Suddenly, he sat down at my table, resting his behemoth of metal and bone against the aluminum wall of the aircraft, and spoke.

“You know of any Hive gods around here?”"

–The testimony of a gambler, overheard in the Annex of the City.


So that’s my Exotic idea. A Heavy Machine Gun that can double as a frighteningly-murderous DPS machine, and an ADD-slaying behemoth that leaves no survivors.

My idea here was to make a new ‘Weapon of Sorrow.’ Something that can be used when dabbling in the Dark - something for Gambit, Gambit Prime, or Raids.

For the Exotic perks, I was influenced by an old Exotic from D1 - Boolean Gemini. It had the two perks “One way,” and “Or Another.” which did different things from similar concepts of perk activation. I thought about this gun, and I was thinking of making it an Exotic that could rival Whisper of the Worm’s DPS, and the ADD-slaying ability of Breakneck, Thunderlord, and 21% Delirium.

There are a few other things I wanted to throw into Into The Light, but I didn’t because I knew it would be just too overpowered. Things like “Third Eye,” “Enhanced Mobility,” “Dragonfly,” “Gjallarhorn Bullets,” “Magnificent Howl,” “Mark of the Devourer,” “Fan-Fire,” and, absolutely not “White Nail.” This is meant to have balance.

And speaking of balance? I’ve got a simple way to balance it. For Genocide, ammo reserves are normal(ish) you’ve got the same ammo capacity that Hammerhead does. Simple enough, since you shoot at 900 RPM (note that Rapid-fire Frames have more ammo than Adaptive Frames, so Genocide has less ammo than a 21% Delirium.) And for Deicide, you have smaller reserves - only about two magazines to get your shots in, despite them regenerating like White Nail, but with a small edit: this buff is better than White Nail because you can refill your whole mag (but none of your reserves) if you can keep your crosshair fixed on the precision hit box.

Thank you guys for checking out my idea! I spent a lot of time on this, and even calculated out TTK values and DPS values to make it good! I hope you all like it.

“Let’s be bad guys.” – The Drifter.

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This seems like a gorgeous Gun idea but I have some questions. So if you change between Deicide and Genocide is it like holding down reload or is it going into the gun itself and switching. Also if it is the latter and you switch to genocide, wouldn’t you just shoot one bullet, reload, and get the buffs? You should also see my grenade launcher idea called “Time’s Torch”.

“redeem myself for everyone I’ve buried with these hands”

This sounds amazing, my only worry is the TTK. Even for a machine gun 0.54 seconds is VERY fast, or at least I think so. Is it or am I worrying too much?

Thanks for the question! The answer is NO the weapon perks do NOT swap just by holding [RELOAD]. The player is required to inspect the gun in their loadout menu and swap the perks manually. This prevents players from being able to slay ADDS and put on DPS to a boss at the same time. This is meant to be a balancer. Your idea of swapping to Deicide from Genocide to get the perks is a certain idea, but I’d say that Bungie could figure out a way to prevent an exploit like that.

Now, @Crystal
Funny thing about TTK values. Before Last Word dropped on January 29th, I’d collected some data values and calculated the TTK to be 0.53. I was blown away by this stat - it’s faster than Luna’s Howl or Not Forgotten. Thinking I made and error, I recalculated and erroneously got a TTK value of 0.63s. I was right the first time. It was indeed 0.53s. Keep in mind that Last Word needs to land all headshots in order to achieve this value, but it is merely primary ammo. A Heavy Weapon (and a HMG to boot) would be able to achieve this easily. Do note that the calculated TTK in those stats is an average. Deicide’s TTK is slower, and Genocide’s is faster.

Thank you, and I wish you all a remarkable reset-day.

This was really good and I appreciate your effort coming up with ideas, and I like the idea of having something like Khavostov back in the game where you can choose what you want it to be.

I’d have to say that reloading also would take the buff away, that’s just me, but when you think about it, it seems kinda crazy. That, and if you gave a Machine Gun a White Nail Perk, that’d be just… Eugh. Really, really Overpowered. Yet again, just my personal opinion, but when you start to think about it. It actually would make or break PvE entirely.
Unless, of course, I’m reading it wrong.

I can understand the confusion. Yes, the magazine can run out when Deicide is equipped. The thing is that precision hits are returned to the mag. I probably should’ve phrased it better. Expect an edit to come soon. I’ll make this clearer.