Is all of this lore?

So I was just thinking is it possible that this all of this the Ishtar callective and all the other lore masters are a part of the lore?

The simple fact that bungie didn’t make a lore catalog and that they did purposefully leave hole’s in the lore leaving Room for speculation which theres a lot of. The way the story has been told so far is that our guardian has been dead for a long time resurrected to fight some great darkness with no knowledge of their previous life and that others resurrected before us have greater knowledge of things that have happened both before and after their own resurrection (maybe through research or a fluke of their resurrection like a notebook).
They are also less then forthcoming with this knowledge just giving us broad strokes of what’s going on and what had happened. It also seems that we are left to our own devices to collect (dead ghosts) knowledge and figure it out our selves.

So doesn’t all this lore collection and dissemination kinda fit that motif essentially making all this lore? Just a crazy thought that maybe bungie has put some real thought into the lore of this universe.


Have you read the books of sorrow? Or read the deep history of the Ishtar Sink related to the Vault? There is definitely a lot of love that goes into the lore of Destiny. Sure there are some parts where much is to be desired, but there are some great pieces of lore hidden away. Which makes this game so much fun.

Also the Ishtar Collective is an actual research place in-game. It’s where the Vex experiments were with Chioma and Sundresh. This Ishtar Commons and Ishtar Collective catalog isn’t lore, just a way for people to find it.