Is It possible that Toland's soul is in the rock that Eris has?

It says that when Toland met Ir Yût, Toland was killed but still able to communicate from the Overworld. With the Arival of Oryx, Toland was able to send a number of messages. (source) In the Coming War Ending Cutscene it talks about how the rock “hasn’t spoken since Crota Fell. It speaks now because Oryx has arrived.” (source) I know this isn’t much but it does make sense. Any other logical Ideas or proof?


That… is the first time someone has made that particular hypothesis. It could very well be that. People are thinking that rock is Nokris despite the unlikelihood, and also believe that those lights that go off inside the Dreadnaught or Story missions are Toland communicating with us when Ghost instead implies they are created by Oryx – and there’s always Taken when they appear.

Its a start into something new I figured its at least a decent start to a whole new investigation. I did read up on the Nokris post and it seems legit but not confirmed, in my opinion the more we can close up on stuff the better :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard this theory before, and based on simple circumstance, it’s at least possible. Like many things we just need more information.

There are so many loose ends in Destiny’s story that it could be a slice of bread from the local bakery that’s inside that rock for all we know

Very moldy bread, lmao.

Ascendant Bread… maybe she’s going to enjoy it with Ascendant Peanut Butter and Ascendant Raisins


But but what about my ascendant ants on a log…:slight_frown:

(Crota) “Hey! That’s my piece of bread!”

I always believed Nokris to be lost to time seeing his almost nonexistence from the world grave and his proximity to Crota. Lending me to think he was just one of Oryx’s many unsuccessful children.

Edit: possibly she? idk

That is the first hypothesis someone has made about the rock Eris has.

From what I understand so far about the Hive, Toland must be using the rocks to communicate to us. His body is gone, but his soul is somewhere in the Ascendant Realm trying to help us. Maybe he’ll find his way out.

Toland will be referenced a lot more once we encounter some sort of Hive expansion, especially with a new Taken King/Queen (Savathun). Only time will tell.