Is it possible to become a "Lich" in the Destiny Universe?

So, this came from an idea I had when playing in Gambit, which originally came from the idea of Light Manipulation. (The Extent of the Light.)
Basically here’s what I thought.
“Thorn + Devour Warlock = Lich.”
Then I thought, is it possible to become a, quote en quote, Lich in Destiny?
Most Liches, from what we can tell, need many things. First?
A Death Battery, no, not Savathun’s Death Battery, but a form of power that can supply them with the energy to persist after death. The Hive, and most Liches, do this by feeding off of others, or using Negative energy such as Death, to do so.
Next, they need a Phylactery, which is basically the thing that keeps them tethered to persist after death. Normally, this is a small heirloom or object that they use. Other times, it is an entire realm (As the Hive use the Ascendant Plane.)
So, is it possible for, say, a Lightbearer to go so deep into Hive Arcana to sacrifice their Ghost as either a Phylactery, of “Death Battery”. That way, they have a much more ensured way of Lichdom rather than using a Ghost that is always with you.
Because, if you think about it, Guardians are indeed such undead creatures.
They have a Death Battery (The Light, which grows stronger the more you use it. Preferably against the Darkness, no?) And a Phylactery, (Their Ghost.)
[No, I’m not an Edgelord. This was an actual idea I had, and wanted to ask you all.]

Tl;dr, is it possible for a Lightbearer to fall to darkness by using Hive arcana, and sacrifice their Ghost in order to become a Lich?