Is Nokris, Heir of Xol, Alive?

We know that Nokris is the unfavored son of Oryx, so that means he has a throne world like Oryx. Therefore, he was driven to his throneworld when we killed his material form. Is Nokris still alive, or am I wrong about him having a throneworld like Oryx’s? (Where you have to kill him in his throneworld to actually, fully, completely eradicate him from existence.)

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I believe that Nokris should have a throneworld, so yeah, he’s probably alive. Maybe there might be an expansion raid or strike where we kill him in his throne world :thinking:

Yes, that would be awesome! I’d imagine they would put a strike like that in an expansion the delt with his aunt, Savathûn.

Yeah I think it’d be a great idea

Well, it is possible he does, but I don’t think so. It’d make sense, however. Also, we never seem to truly kill Hive without a Throne World [See Omnigul.]

Yes, Nokris is alive.

In short, Hive only truly ‘die’ when they are defeated in their Throne World. We haven’t killed Nokris in his Throne World.

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Yeah, which means that he can come back into the material realm as much as he needs to.

Well Nokris didn’t follow usual sword logic using Xol’s logic which make it so they might not have Throne worlds

Hmm. I feel like he would’ve tried to use Sword Logic, considering he was Oryx’s son. He only turned to Xol after he found out that Oryx favored Crota because Crota wasn’t as weak as he was. Which means he would’ve had a troneworld, because he used Sword Logic for a little bit. I don’t think you can get rid of an entire throneworld, can you?

If you look closely, you can see that Nokris came out of a portal reminiscent to The Mindbender’s when he retreated to his own world. It is possible we called him out, killed him and now he retreated back to his own world.

well if you think about that from a game-play perspective it makes sense because he recuperates and regenerates every time we defeat him then when we do the strike again he comes out and the cycle continues

I would actually argue that Nokris doesn’t have a Throne world since he was excommunicated for making his pact with Xol and using necromancy, which is an act of defiance of the traditional form of Sword Logic and since necromancy is basically a loophole to escape death, Nokris cannot separate his death from himself, and therefore unable create an oversoul in another realm (throne world).

“It was unforgivable. Oryx had communed with, consumed the worm. He was king. For Nokris to perform such a ritual was sacrilege. And to defy the Sword Logic? Heresy.”

“If we can separate our deaths from ourselves, and hide them, we will be hard to kill.”

Nokris used a different form of Sword Logic:

“The ageless volumes and apocrypha, all consumed voraciously, feeding the mind of the lesser. Driven by a different kind of Sword Logic, he let the stories of the world fill the void just as the worm feeds.”

I don’t think Nokris and Xol are dead, I just don’t believe that they are alive with the help of the traditional Sword Logic that we see with the rest of the Hive.

maybe Nokris has a revival bomb where he will be resurrected after a certain amount of time to make sure he is safe. then he escapes to somewhere else.
i have no evidence for this

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Yeah, he was kinda just swept under the rug. Because we didn’t kill him in the ascendant realm let alone his Throne World.