Is Taniks a Fallen Guardian?

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So Taniks is a Fallen “hero” resurrected by SIVA to fight the powers of what…Light? Wouldn’t that technically make him a Fallen “Guardian”?


That’s an interesting parallel, but no. There’s a difference in that while Guardians were literally dead before being resurrected, Taniks was sitting quietly in a hard-drive waiting. Even in the Revisited strike dialogue there’s suspicion that’s what happened.


Damn…Fallen Guardians in Destiny 2 not confirmed lol

Very interesting that the music dictates too though…alas I also play with sound off.


There’s still a possibility that there may be Fallen – er, Eliksni – Guardians in Destiny 2. No confirmation, just speculation.

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I think my wallet would fly out of my pocket and into Bungie headquarters if I could play as an Eliksni Guardian.


The UI would be insane. You’d have to control four arms instead of just two.

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I’ve had a long standing beilef that Taniks is the last member of a long forgotten Fallen house. Presumably the House of Scar.

And when Rise of Iron came out this farther supported my theory that
Taniks the Scarred is the last remaining member of the House Of Scar. More importantly a Splicer.

All 4 of Taniks’ arms are cybernetic, and possibly more of his body. This fits the description of the splicers “Every House has Splicers, Fallen that enhance there bodies with technology” Vairks further confirmes this indirectly.

The final thing is that Taniks has a cloak that resembles no known Fallen House banner, as well as unique headgear which is not used by any other Fallen House. Followed by the fact that he is a bounty hunter of sorts. That presumably after his House fell, he was “scarred” in someway (hence the name) by the experience that he decided he was better off alone and became a bounty hunter for hire


The symbol on Taniks cloak is etched on a wall of the Moon (saw it on there during the Dark Beyond mission). I’m on a tablet but can get a picture if need be though. They also mention an “unknown Fallen house” during it too.

I also like to believe that Skolas made his own Wolf Splicers experiment with Vex tech in order to apply it for his whole crew.
It could be possible that Taniks used to be a splicer himself for the House of Scar :thinking:

he also killed Andal Brask & since Bungie’s hyping up Cayde’s character, I wonder if we’ll learn more about them & their mysterious dare & maybe also about Taniks in that regard. I also wonder whether Taniks was hired to kill Andal Brask :thinking:

During the 1st Shadow Thief-Strike, Variks said that Taniks “challenged us in the ways of old” . In my opinion this gives a lot about Tanik’s character. He’s still holding onto the past of the Eliksni but I also took this as him seeing us as a rival & not an enemy.

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“He does not see you as enemies, you are merely trophies to collect”

  • Vairks The Loyal
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