Is the Drifter Dredgen Yor?


Title. My evidence: A. The Gambit triumphs title is Dredgen. Hmm. B. The lore of Malfeasance- the Drifter talks about how he made this gun to replace Thorn, the gun of Dredgen. I don’t know who the man with the golden gun is, but still.


The Man With The Golden Gun is theorised to be Shin Malphur (who killed Dredgen Yor), but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The Drifter had dealings with the Shadows of Yor, but has since left them.


Thanks! I never even heard of the shadows of yor, time for some more research


I belive that the drifter is the new Dredge. In the annual pass DLC, the name is joker’s wild. The joker’s wild means a replacement card for any damaged card, and seeing as Dredgen is ‘damaged’ it only makes sense that the drifter is next.


Dredgen Yor was killed by Shin Malphur(the man with the golden gun) and cannot come back because he abandoned his ghost. It is quite likely that the drifter is a part of the shadows of Yor, a group of guardians who look up to Dredgen Yor and try to recreate thorn.


The Drifter used to be associated with the Shadows of Yor, a group of Guardians convinced that the original Dredgen Yor’s corruption could be controlled and put to use for humanity. That group ended up failing to control the corruption and are currently still out there. They use replicas of Thorn (One of those replicas is the Y3 Thorn we got in RoI) and use the name “Dredgen” as a title.

It’s unconfirmed if the Drifter was ever an actual member of the Shadows, but he knew them and worked with them in the past. The Renegade Hunter (Man With the Golden Gun) is Shin Malphur. He and Shaxx are allowing the Drifter to run his Gambit in an attempt to lure out the remaining Shadows.

The Drifter himself is an unknown right now. All we know is that he’s an original Guardian, one who lived through the Dark Ages and never joined up with the City. He was part of a group of Guardians who found some strange, Dark entities on an icy planet. He was seemingly inspired by those entities and he now uses both Darkness and Light. He has also somehow mashed Fallen, Vex, Cabal, and Hive tech together to create a portal to the Ascendant Realm. He has his own tiny area of the Ascendant Realm carved out for himself. It’s not a Throne World, but it’s enough to store a Taken army. Why does he have a Taken army? We don’t know. The Taken we fight in Gambit are apart of this army. Our actions of banking motes in Gambit also result in “Orbs of Dark” to be created. These Orbs of Dark are used to summon this Taken army. We do not know their other uses.

As you can see, the Drifter is an amalgamation of unknowns. He’s extremely shady. We’ll get more info on him in Joker’s Wild.

Edit: The Drifter shouldn’t actually be called a “Guardian”. That’s a bit of a misnomer. He’s called a Lightbearer in-game as he never joined up with the City, never helped surviving humans, etc. He lived in a time with Risen and Warlords, before the term “Guardian” was ever used.