Is the foreign alphabet on some grimoir cards actually translatable?

I was looking through some grimoir and noticed some symbols on some of the cards such as this one:

It looks rather like a title(the text) and I was wondering if anyone has translated it in the past. If this is just all made up symbols them this post is kinda pointless! :joy:


Someone made a great post about transalating the fallen spoken language but yeah I think those symbols are just there to look cool!

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I did see that and thought it was amazing but theoretically isn’t it also the kind of thing Bungie would do?

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Do you have an example of Bungie doing it before?

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No but I’m using the fallen language as my example.

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The Forerunner language.


Oh thanks! Very interesting! I wonder how many thousands of hours were spent making the lore behind these games…

Just saying, that is all in fallen

there is a iffy translation if you look up “fallen language” in images but it seems many symbols have changed since that translation and fallen words are WEIRD

Most of those words the other dude that @The_Darkness translated in the spoken language are not these words in written.

Image result for fallen language

(top text) ee f o L a rr _ r f j

(Bottom text) m? o Q r _ c (wtf) u rr _ a n l _ ee f q

(_ are spaces between words)
That’s kind of a translation. I think is says something about the capture of skolas, but does not mention his name. I do think however that it isn’t really a forward progression as our language is, more of the sounds the language makes. so an A and a N put together is read as NA, and that means house (as in house wolves). some words may also be approximations of words in other languages, as lovos is wolves in fallen, and is is very similar to lobos which is wolves in spanish. In spanish v and b make a very similar sound as well as in fallen.

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That’s very interesting/strange , I hope Bungie builds on this and makes it a proper language! @TheTurtleMan