Lady Efrideet & Ana Bray— Mismatched Roles (A Lore Critique)

Okay, so I don’t know if anyone had the same expectations as me before Lady Efrideet and Ana Bray made their fated appearances in D1 and D2, but I expected their roles as characters and personalities to be what they are in the in-game canon. . . but switched between how they actually are. Here’s my once hoped-for and now creative (re)take on the characters of Efrideet and Ana.

I mean, think about it: Lady Efrideet— one of two of the last Iron Lords alive, and yet she has strayed and retreated from the Iron Temple and turned down her duty as an Iron Lord to escape into the wild. Correct me if I’m wrong lore-wise, but I always thought of Efrideet being younger in both mind and body (she’d probably look like an early 20-something); angsty, not afraid of bending the rules of the Iron Lords, and set on proving her worth and skill to her fellow Lords and Ladies— a bit of a tomboy and a classic Hunter. But after that fateful battle against SIVA in the Iron Tomb which killed all the Iron Lords save her and Saladin, her once playfully bitter rivalries with the others would shatter into a grieving horror for the deaths of her closest allies (who she would realize then to be her closest friends as well). In this traumatizing event, she would discover true fear and guilt, and these new emotions would claw at her and drive her away from what she saw to be her first and biggest failure: not protecting her fellow Guardians, and not being the mighty Iron Lord who succeeded in doing so. She would flee maybe to Siberia and live in the wilderness there, possibly destroying her own Ghost in the process in a fit of rage and grief (and subconsciously a desire to only live for one last time), and Saladin and our Guardian would possibly go to find her and persuade her to come back to the Iron Temple during a campaign arc to aid against a greater threat. Also, just a smaller creative opinion, but I think it would be badass if she used a bow rather than a sniper, and we’d be able to go on an exotic quest from her and get her own bow as an exotic, called Eye of Efrideet or something. But her sniper thing is still cool.

Now think of this: Ana Bray— a long dead member of the Bray bloodline, now resurrected as a Guardian, and is struggling to both find her true identity and her true purpose in this endless cycle of life and death. What if she became part of (if not founded, whether on her own or with others) that fabled Guardian civilization of peace and harmony deeper in the solar system? It would make fundamental and natural sense for one of the greatest inventive minds of the Golden Age (and, not to mention, one of the most powerful Light-users/generators in the history of Guardians, according to the lore) to aid in the construction of a new society of technology created by Guardians and their Light, right? And maybe during the Warmind expansion and/or even Rise of Iron, we’d have to seek her out and persuade her to journey away from the peace she created in order to restore peace to the rest of the system by taming Rasputin and/or SIVA and using it to fight back against the forces of Darkness surrounding and weaponizing it from the start of the story arc. Another creative side-note: maybe the peaceful Guardian civilization could become a hub space??

So obviously, I have switched around their characters: Efrideet is the lone, lost rogue scourged by her own demons, and Ana is the more noble and wise one who is aligned with a civilization of peaceful Guardians and both toils with her own identity and the moral conflict between conserving the peace of her civilization and the rest of the solar system. It would just make more sense to me. Did any of you guys ever think this should have been the case in the canon? Or is it just me? Leave your thoughts down below.