Light Forces, are there more out there?

So not really lore but more of a thought. So the darkness has many races working for it like the hive, fallen, vex, taken, and cabal. So did or does the light have more races than the Guardians, I know that exo, humans, and awoken can be guardians but the cabal have psions which are a different race just enslaved. So the light has the Guardians powered but the traveler, but what if there was more races fighting for the light before but then only got destroyed and the traveler is the sole survivor and trying to rebuild the light forces. But every time the darkness finds it and destroys the traveler’s attempts. One thing that bothers me that could make my thought irrelevant is that the fallen are trying to get the traveler back because it was the last race it abandoned. What are anyone else’s thoughts?

There are definitely races that were previously aligned with the Light, although we don’t know if they ever wielded the power of the Light as directly as we do.

In the Books of Sorrow we learn about the Leviathan, who is definitely aligned with the Light (or the Sky). I would argue that the Ammonite, and the many races making up the Ecumene were also aligned with the Light.

And all of these races were wiped out by the Hive. Perhaps there are other races aligned with the Light that have been wiped out by the Vex or the Cabal?


Oh yeah the Vex probably have, in any number of timelines. I don’t know about the Cabal though, because they were so blindsided by Guardians in combat and had basically no answer to the way we fight. The Psions are the closest thing we’ve seen so far to paracausal forces in the Cabal (Though I bet I’ll eat my words come Destiny 2) and it’s unclear if they use Light; it’s even less likely to be the Deep.

From what we’ve seen, most of the Legions appear to be scout legions, organized to combat Vex or to protect certain locations (the Blind Legion, for example, is utilized to defend artifacts stolen from the Vex). I doubt that we’ve seen the full potential of the Vex, and I’d put some money on some powerful Psions running the Empire from behind the scenes.

Edit: Excerpt from the Skyburners Grimoire:
“Hidden efforts unveiled the Phobos fleetbases house what is merely the first wave of a full-scale celestial demolition fleet, codenamed Skyburners. Ghost scans of the ships and reports of a large Psion presence have Warlocks anxious to learn of their weaponry. Dead Orbit assures the City that the Skyburner fleet poses no immediate threat to the City.”

So perhaps we have encountered the more dangerous side of the Cabal, yet we don’t know how their weapons operate yet.

I don’t know if it would be correct to affirm that the Fallen, Vex and Cabal are working for the Darkness - you guys would correct me if I am wrong. The Darkness created the Hive the way they are today, that’s a fact, but we don’t have enough evidence to say that it is working through those other races as well.

The way it seems to me is that every one of those other races have their own agenda. The Vex with all that stuff about controlling time and expanding themselves through the Universe - I really can’t explain their motives, I am sorry -; the Fallen trying to reclaim the Traveler; and the Cabal trying to conquer our Solar System, like they conquered many others. The Hive, at the other hand, are consuming everything around them to feed the Darkness that grows inside them, literally.

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It’s very likely that there are. The farthest out we know for sure are Efrideet’s squad (the one’s whose identities and locations she refuses to disclose) at the edge of the system, but even they are Guardians of the Traveler. If you recall, the Traveler used to act as a “moon” in the Ammonite system, and it is likely that he gifted them Light to help them in the war against the Hive. This would explain why after the Ammonites were defeated, the Traveler fled. This would have been the first encounter the Hive had with the Light, and explains why they hate it so much.

The worms were able to access the Deep/Darkness like The Traveler is able to access the Light. But the worms speak as if they serve the Darkness, and what master has only one servant? As different and Light and Dark are, they are both probably masters of many servants, Traveler and worms included.

In conclusion, the Light almost definitely exists in other places. Whether it has empowered other beings like Guardians is still unanswered. My guess is that our Traveler is one of many white orbs created to spread the power of the Light.

Hope this speculation helps.

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The exceptions here, of course, would be Quria’s divisive and the Sol Divisive in the Black Garden, given that they encountered the Darkness, could not understand it, and implemented worship to gain power. Quria bootstrapped to Hive godhood, though it’s Taken now so that doesn’t matter much. The heart of the Black Garden was a threat to the Traveler; while the Vex were ostensibly using the Darkness for their own gain, it was using them in kind.

How do you assume they are different? The Vex discovered the Sword Logic through Quria, which is the defining philosophy of the Darkness, and then either stole the Garden from the Traveler when it recreated Mars or else merged it from one of their alternate Mars’ like the Vault was with Venus and the Darkness ended up either inhabiting the Garden was already there respectively.

Not that they’re different, but that they’re on different instances of the conflux, like the Venus and Mars Vex. Of course, that was a mental connection I made based on opinion, so if it makes no sense, that’s my fault.

I think we could relate this to the Hive and the worms. The worms made a deal with the Hive, where the Hive would reach their goals while the Darkness thrived. Maybe the Vex have the same relationship with the Darkness. The Darkness wants the Traveler, and the Vex can help them do that, hence the creation of the Black Garden (which you mentioned was a threat to the Traveler), and the Vex are granted power to reach their own goals. Unlike the Hive and the Darkness, this would be more of a business thing than a symbiotic relationship.

The psions are described as slaves, so while that would be cool it is not very likely.

There probably wouldn’t be any forces using light though, because only the Guardians wield that power. Before that, and especially with the Fallen, the Traveler was a god of sorts. For the Hive, the Hive want to kill it because it was supposed to start some ‘God Wave’ to kill off all the species of the Fundament.

Do you mean currently? Because:[quote=“baxter, post:2, topic:349”]
In the Books of Sorrow we learn about the Leviathan, who is definitely aligned with the Light (or the Sky). I would argue that the Ammonite, and the many races making up the Ecumene were also aligned with the Light.

In fact, the Ammonites used paracausal weapons against the Hive, which basically confirms this.

I would caution using that term. It was the Ammonites who used paracausal weaponry, and possibly the Harmony, but not the Ecumene.

Xivu Arath describes them as “lords of matter and physical law” yet that does not imply they controlled paracausal powers. They fell completely to the Taken, having no defense. They may know about the existence of paracausal powers, given their description of the Taken, but they probably knew it in the same sense we know about Quantum Physics; possible, but beyond our grasp.

The Ecumene instead used “caedometric weapons”, weapons that, like nuclear weapons, completely annihilated or obliterated whatever they were used against, such as planets since the Ecumene made it a habit of destroying worlds to try and stop Oryx once they lost to advantage – they likely did so to contain whatever the Taken energies were, like the Forerunners of Halo lore did to contain the Flood.

But they didn’t use paracausal weaponry, and indeed we don’t know if they were visited by the Traveler or not, although they must have known because of their connection with the Ammonites. Likely they were uplifted by the Traveler but thousands and thousands of years before.


I misremembered. Thanks for catching my mistake! I’ve corrected the original post now.

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