Limits of a Techeun (And can they blow your mind up by thinking about it?)

So, after my recent topic on “The Extent of the Light (And how we can use it?)”, I have gotten into the Awoken lore, and it makes me wonder about the seemingly Psionic Techeuns, or Tech Witches, as we Guardians apparently call them.
We know that, together with the Queen, they can effectively make some kinda nuke against other ships, at the cost of consciousness. And they tend to float like creepy Psionic ladies. So it makes me wonder, can they just made your head pop like a grape, just by thinking about it? Or is it just a minor headache?
In fact, what is it like to just be around a Techeun?
Let me know your thoughts down below, thanks!

What you saw are what are called Harbingers. There’s a bit on them over exploring the dreaming city by one of the Techeuns. I’ll edit when I have time and have found it.

I’m pretty sure the Harbinger is the weapon/magic nuke used.
The Techeun are what aided Mara Sov in using the Harbinger. (There were three Techeun’s with her when she was killed by Oryx’s blast. And then there are the same Techeun’s we fight. Three Techeuns, all taken by Oryx.)

each techean in training has to link with a harbinger in order to be a full techean

Could you possibly state your sources on this?
It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just would like to see where this is coming from, that’s all.

The Harbingers are, and I quote.

An ancient power controlled by the Techeuns, powerful servants of the Queen of the Awoken.
The Queen used the Harbingers to destroy Ceres, thus initiating the Reef Wars. The attack killed more than half the House of Wolves, including their Kell.
Later, the Queen and her Techeuns created an illusion of the Harbingers to trick the remaining Wolves into thinking they were destroying the Hildian Asteroids. The Wolf fleet broke rank, allowing the Awoken army to capture one of their leaders.

it’s in the lessons transcripts for the dreaming city patrols it’ll take a bit

However, the blockquote was a copy and pasted text from the Category of the Harbingers. It says it’s an Ancient Power, but not an individual creature or being.

well i did make a mistake it’s not required to be a techean as far as i know but i did find this

well I tried linking just the transcripts but got this vid instead that describes the harbinger as sentient and choosing

While the Harbingers appear to be an external force that is simple controlled by the Techeuns, they do have powers of their own. All Awoken are slightly paracausal, in the same way Guardians are. The Techeuns appear to hone and leverage this to create reality by force of will.

So, if they wanted to, could they just lift their hand, and snap your neck or something? Or, y’know, kaboom the brain?

They might be able to. If you look in the last wish, Kalli literally just destroys you with her own will. She has no visible weapon, she just creates it with her mind.

Hmm, then what’s stopping them from just killing everything I wonder? Like, would they be considered a WOMD?

It might be that it takes them time and energy to charge these weapons. In the raid, Kalli has to work to start to even charge the weapon, just to kill 6 Guardians. To kill everything it would take a massive amount of focus and time, if they are even capable. Plus, I doubt Savathun would want to kill everything. How is she going to take if there is nothing left to take?

Oh no, I’m not talking about Taken Techeun. I’m talking the normal, spooky Techeun. Because if you think about it, they probably, with their mind powers alone, could have aided in murderizing Ghaul.
(Just a snap and a click away from. Well. A snap of the Neck.)
Besides, Savathun doesn’t need to Take. She just needs to win over the Dreaming City Loops so she can find the Original Dreaming City to empower her Death Battery.

Speaking of which, is that why we’re investigating the Nine? To start looking into Black Holes, and end up finding a way to fight Savathun?