Little Light part 1

A follow up on my “other sources of light” post that I did.
We know that Light from the Traveler (or so we think) supercharges are Light that is inside us. This can also be seen done by SIVA in the raid.
In the vanilla game story the Queen of the Reef says “when I first saw you I first saw you I saw a mote of light far from its traveler” and the Stranger called your ghost “little light”. Motes of light
are condensed light from the Traveler us Guardians have a mote of light that makes us live inside us. Little light means just that little light. Are ghosts are mini travelers who let us live. How do you think we lived so long in the Darkness?

“ghosts were created by the traveler, to seek out those who could wield its light, as a weapon” - that one guy no one cares about.

So, they way I see it. Ghosts are like “drones” or “vessels” for the travelers light, in which guardians have the ability to control.

I believe “Mote of Light” and “Little Light” are just a colloquial way of describing Guardians and Ghosts, either with condescension or affection. Not that the Exo Stranger was being affectionate; for Ghosts, that could be a literal description.

A friend and I talked this sort of thing over on, where she was bouncing ideas off of me of how plausible her ideas were for stories (in addition to taking apart Mary Sues, but that’s another story), and we got into a discussion of how Ghosts actually function as our “horcrux”.

Basically, what it came down to was this: Ghosts were either a “storage tank” of Light that just needs to be jumpstarted with external Light – similar to how Guardians can self-revive in Patrol areas or need Guardians in Darkness zones – or else they absorbed Light passively and used that to keep themselves alive but lose some through simple emission. This latter information was determined through various Grimoire and flavor texts, like that one Ghost hiding among the Cabal, saying it was so far from the Traveler and fading.

Oversouls are pretty similar to Horcruxes too.

Hi all. My opinion on “little lights” is as follows:
If the Traveler is in fact some entity that goes about jump-starting “civilizations” in an evolutionary manner, perhaps the Ghosts are it’s emissaries.

Okay, so if the Traveler = Big Light, and think of how the Hive view it and their need to feed on Light; then the Ghosts being “AI Constructs” or “Emissaries” of the Light would equal “Little Lights.”

Now if those “Little Lights” re-animate our Guardians then by extension our Guardians can be referred to as “Little Lights” as well.

I like that way of looking at it!

With a similar interpretation (since we have no record or evidence of Ghosts appearing before Earth) it could be possible that the Ghosts are a defense mechanism which was intended to create Guardians in the event that the Traveler could no longer flee or protect itself, and appeared/were created for this reason.

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