Loose Ends Tied

Name: Loose Ends Tied
Video URL: Loose Ends Tied | Speak to Commander Zavala | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.11.12


// REFERENCE {item:Loose Ends Tied}

++ Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** After becoming an adept of Stasis, the Guardian returns to the Tower to speak with Commander Zavala.

Zavala: Eramis is gone. I can’t say I agree with your methods, but you did what had to be done. Europa is a treasure trove of Golden Age knowledge. That knowledge, good or bad, belongs to humanity—and must remain out of the hands of our enemies. With their Kell gone, the Fallen will be scattered and disorganized. Frequent, targeted strikes will keep them that way. I’ve made an arrangement with the Awoken. Temporary immunity for Variks while he helps us secure Europa. It doesn’t sit right with me, after what happened to Cayde… but there are greater threats on our doorstep now.

// REFERENCE {interaction:Commander Zavala — Beyond Light}

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As a reminder, could you please fix this line:

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// REFERENCE {item:Loose Ends Tied}

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This one and the other 4 you mentioned should be fixed accordingly. Thanks for the tip.

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