Lore Novelisation

So just wondering who thinks novelising certain stories from the lore would be cool?

Any suggestions on stories that you think would be epic? I’ve already started drafting out a novel version of The Last Word (where else would anyone start really?) but I bet there’s other stories that’d make great books or short stories.


I don’t usually see Kabr’s fireteam get a lot of attention, but that would make a great piece.


I think a novel series on the Hive would be amazing. There a lot of lore there and the hive are practically the main enemy of the Traveler

Off the top of my head (which isn’t saying much), maybe the Reef War cards, specifically the siege on Pallas. I think the the Weksis the Meek card has some more info.

(P.S very good idea, in my opinion)


I think we could novelize the Battle of the Twilight Gap. After all, it would make a good book and has a good bit of history about the Last City.


I’ve had ideas for Kabr and Twilight Gap especially seeing as I’m hoping all the novels could kinda tie in to each other without needing to call back to the game or the grimoire, for example I’d actually make the Kabr story follow Pahanin instead, and in the end have him killed by Dredgen Yor to tie it loosely back to The Last Word story.

Twilight Gap would link back to the story of Six Fronts (through characters like Shaxx) which I’m either thinking of putting in The Last Word as part of Rezyl Azzir’s story that will play out through the book as interludes until it reveals he is Dredgen Yor, or I’d make it another entire novel (or both).

And Twilight Gap again could link to the Reef Wars nice and loosely, and the Reef is just a really cool, weird place to explore which would be super different from other stories revolving around Guardians.

And then going back to Pahanin, being a contemporary of Wei Ning, you could link a Hive story in (or seeing as we’d already have the Hive appear as enemies you wouldn’t really need to tie it in with characters which also would grant freedom to just go in which ever direction you wanted).

So after that long explanation, these ideas would make one hell of an expanded universe experience for Destiny

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Lol your avatar confused me for a minute there. Was wondering how I left a comment here when I did not possibly remember doing so. I realize now we just have similar avatars. xD

I would really like more novelization or shorts or something to build lore. Because with a game like this, I feel like you could do backstories about characters around the universe that we know about (essentially the grimoire, but more set up as a novel) but that are not our actual characters.

This was a problem with Halo, it seemed like the novels were good and fleshed out the main characters, but then Bungie would just go against it in the game line.

That said, I would love an Eric Nylund or James S.A. Corey Destiny novel.

Heres 2 ideas, the faction wars and the concordats rebellion, the issue with these is that there isnt too much information.
For he faction wars you could include factions other than the big 4, just give them crude banners and whatnot. Ofc remember that once the consensus is formed, DO, NM, and concordat are the ones that are given access to the tower. FWC would be the strongest non-tower faction presumably.
In the concordats rebellion, its a huge fued between lysander, the consensus, and mainly NM. (Osiris was also involved, he was slandered by lysander)
Keep in mind, guardians did fight on he behalf of the factions during both of the conflicts

I would really love to see a novelization of The Reef Wars. There is a lot of great lore pieces to go off of.

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Yeah. It leads to the Queen blowing up the Kell of Wolves, al, the Houses of Eliksni hating the Wolves, good choice.

Here’s my Drive file It’s only a small start, barely even gets into the main story but it’s a start :stuck_out_tongue:


Starting’s the hard part. And then the writing the hard part. Then the editing and making everything make sense becomes the hard part…identifying just how ridiculously wrong and inconsistent certain part of the text are is the hard part…theres always something. But its a good start. There’s some minor stuff to fix like missing the “Age” in “Golden Age” in page 8 when talking about the city hall. Your prelude is quite short in the way that it feels short if you know what I mean. Theres talking, theres a brief mention of there being fighting, and then theres more talking.

In so far as this is fan fiction for a video game where we know what the combat is like, what the enemies look like etc. when we write we dont need to be as detailed to cover the same stuff because we already have that frame of reference, plus its clear that its just a brief thing at the start,indeed. It’s a prelude. But the combat in that scene can be given some elaboration. Experiement and see what works.

I’m currently writing my own little project, and a combat scene in mine involved an intense sniper exchange and a small melee. The style of combat was small, close, personal and gave a sense a vulnerability not through who is tougher to kill, but who is able to get the first accurate shot on target. A different style of action to anything that would occur in the Six Fronts/Twighlight Gap as a setting, but if you cover Shin Malphur and the Dwindlers Ridge saga, then this will return to a combat space that I would describe as intimate and personal. By maintaining a personal sense of the action in my piece I was also able to utilise environmental descriptions as both tension and scene building, and describe the flow of the action across locations as they were experienced. For example, a character was peering through a scope after a twig snapped, trying to find the source of the noise. The description of the area being surveyed then followed as it was seen through the scope moving across the environment, until it finally tracked onto the enemy, with personal and geospatial references established as to its location, and the duel began with additional tension coming from attention to the lighting effects, shadows etc. I had the sun shine off the enemy scope blinding him just as the first shot was taken, much like a scene in Enemy at the Gates, and real life long distance sniper exchanges like that between Carlos Hathcock and NVA snipers. The personal and environmental descriptions gave space for the drama and action to occur and also gave me some idea as I was writing it of where to go and what to do next.

Describing that an enemy such as a Fallen Vandal has four arms opens up the possibility to the reader that you might have either of those four arms utilised in any particular way during the combat. Describing that a Skiff has a turret opens up the possibility of that turret firing on the characters. Describing the lethality of the weapons gives the appreciation for their use. Giving sight and sound, touch, taste, smell can really ground the stuff you want to write without slowing down the sense of action and may even help the action to actually last with it is own tension and release cycles as your characters move between safety and vulnerability, dash from cover to cover etc. etc. whatever it is your write.

Besides this, good read, and clean dialogue (unlike mine usually) and an interesting concept to link Azzir, TLW and possiby others in the same story

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I don’t know. I’m thinking either Iron Lords or Taox. What do u think I should do?

  • Iron Lords
  • Taox the Taco

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I’ll have the starter linked when I get to it. For now, I’m starting iron lords.