Lore question for Shin and the allegiance quest

So with the recent allegiance quest I was wondering who someone like Shin Malphur would side with, that being vanguard or drifter. Especially with the new lore books coming out I was wondering what you guys thought?

Shin would side with neither because of how he does his things, but I believe that if he was forced to choose, he would join … actually it depends on what he is trying to do. Probably vanguard. Oh and welcome awen, sorry I didn’t notice earlier that this was your first post. Welcome to the community!

To clarify, Shin would most likely want to join the vanguard because he wants to put a stop to those going to far into the dark side (ha ha references). The reason he would choose neither is because the method that he uses to get rid of those too deep (ha ha another reference) into the darker side of things is to kill them permanently, which the vanguard does not approve of, and Shin would not want to abandon that. However, seeing the more recent lore on Shin, we can’t really tell. He might join the drifter to get deeper into cover, or he might join Vanguard so that he is more trusted by them; this would allow him to do his operations more freely either way. At this point, who knows? Hopefully we get new lore or in game content that allows us to learn even more about Shin. I know a lot if this is contradictory, but we really can’t know for sure unless we were Shin Malphur ourselves. Anyways, here is a spinfoil theory: Shin will be the next hunter vanguard after Uldren is rejected as vanguard because the rest of the vanguard hate him for killing cayde. I would love to see that.

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