“Lost in the Deep”Chaper 2 from Tales of the Lost Light

Chapter 2
Lost but Found
“Take into your body our children, our newborn larvae. From them you shall obtain eternal life. From them you shall gain power over your own fragile flesh: the power to make of it as you will. And should you find an imperfection in the world, an injustice or an inconvenience-you will have the power to repair it. Let no mere law bind you.

  • Yul the Honest Worm, Book of Sorrow; Verse 1:9-The Bargain

In the small cockpit he threw of his helmet to take in the clean filtered air, it was nice in cool inside. He was able to find the med-kit though it took some searching, he managed to remove his breastplate, though it took awhile. Now he could really see his wounds, the gash in his side was a long cut but instead of it looking like a slice made by a knife it was like the skin just died and it was eroding away, his skin usually being a lighter blue was turning green around the wound and his veils where turning black in the affected area. Finding the disinfectant and reactant foam and a skin patch, he filled the wound and covered it. Then he finally gave himself a painkiller stim, and without the pain keeping him awake, he set his ship into orbit and blacked out.

In the darkness of his consciousness he could see a planet, no it was a moon he could see Saturn amongst the stars…“to Titan”…then his vision thrust him to the moons surface that was a vast ocean with old Golden Age dome structures standing just above the rough ocean below, his vision thrust him into the waters and into what looked like a Hive ship sunk sitting on a reef, through the hull. Then finally darkness, but in that darkness a hint of light a white speck, the speck grew till all he could see was a bright white. He jerked awake from his unconsciousness, his heart racing…“to Titan”…whispering again in his head. He searched the flight directory, but his eye was caught by the display of outside his ship, he could see earth and across the sky/stars there was a black cloud and where they struck earth where he knew the City and the Traveler was. Remembering what he was shown, so it’s really true then we are cut from the Light. A tone rang from a different screen, it was for the jump path to Titan the moon of Saturn, with a red warning label stating that he would have enough fuel to make it anywhere afterwards…“Titan”…but he was to go its his only shot at finding that Light, so overlooked the warning and made the jump.

Braking out of the warp tunnel Titan looked exactly like he saw it, as if from memory he landed at the spot he had seen and made his way down. He struggled to even make it off the landing pad the storm winds almost carried him off the platform and into the crashing tide below, but he made it inside. Inside the structure, he could see what life in the Golden Age could have been like, it looked like a trading hub the walls had large displays, with what looked like advertisements playing and carts and crates lay about, leaving indication of a panic. But time has changed it a lot, metal was rusting away, displays flicker and fade, and worst of all the Hive’s barnacles and rot that was growing, covering the surfaces inside. Going deeper into the the complex he felt a pull inside himself that was guiding him toward his destination, he believed it to be the Light guiding him deeper and deeper.

In the dark he did not know how much time had passed, it felt like an eternity. He was tired he felt weak without the Light, but to get it back he had to press on, his only company was the shell of his Ghost that he held firmly in his grasp, and the sounds of the Hive rot chittering and cracking and it form expanded and contracted. Climbing deeper and deeper, the walls turned from metal to chitin, LED’s turned to green crystals and alien glow bugs. The tunnels and hallways turned into fast caverns, he must have made it into the Hive vessel that he saw in his dream, under the stormy surface of Titan. He began to feel very uneasy down there, he could feel eyes on him but he could not see them, but he came to far to turn back, and this ‘pull’ he felt getting stronger and stronger as he went. Continuing into into the dark, he felt numb, he couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or closed, he couldn’t feel his body, couldn’t tell if he was still walking, couldn’t hear anything at all. It was silent and dark.

He thought to himself, “Have I died, did I sicome to my wound, maybe this is my fate.” As all these thoughts swirled through his mind, a cold rose up through his body. He came too, standing in a vast cavern. He turned himself around to try to see where he had exited but there was no tunnel, doorway or anything, it was as it he just appeared there. Turning back around he could make out a hulking figure that lay in this cavern, its form was crumbling away, but it looked like it was trying to be kept alive, green fog was oozing from its figure and green tread was woven throughout it all intersecting at a core at the center of its chest. As he continued to stare at this figures he realized who it was, Oryx the Taken King, but he supposedly was killed in his throne world atop the Dreadnaught by a fireteam. It drifted into space above…Saturn.

Then a unnatural whisper rose up from beep inside his own head, "Oryx is dead…a husk…I do not work to bring him back… his soul is lost to the abyss…but there is something greater that I am after…it lives. Finally emerging from the shadows a Wizard larger then any he’d ever crossed, she had weighted spikes hanging from her cloak yet never seemed to fall to the ground, her eyes green like all other Hive, but a fog seemed to ooze from then. Following the fog up the cap of her skull he saw that fog also crept out of her skull with small embers as if a fire stir beneath. Drawing back his focus to her whole as she floated closer he could make out more of that green thread. The treads seemed to entangle the wizard and strung outward vanishing into the air. As the wizard floated closer Aumishir stepped back till his back hit the wall. “Who are you?!”, was all Aumishir could get out, fear crept up his spine and an un-natural cold filled his body. The wizard was know within arms reach, she was starring at him intensely, her eyes piercing through him. Then a whisper sung in his mind, “I am…Phynox, an I am here to give you…Power…”. Then floated back gestured toward the colossal corpse, which now had a pillar of white light emitting from within his crumbling form. Aumishir enthralled lumbered toward it, the idea of regain his Powers grove him closer and closer. But despite what he sees, the truth , was far more sinister. Because from his wound a green thread.

Stepping ever closer toward the shimmering white below, Aumishir dropped his silent ghost to the ground.