Lost Oasis, Io Radio Transcript

Name: Lost Oasis, Io Radio Transcript
URL: https://youtu.be/SRE7AG3WpqA
Recorded: 2018.07.23


++ Lost Oasis, Io

** The Guardian lands in the Lost Oasis and waits in front of the radio set up at the landing zone.
Sloane: The radio signal is weak due to the distance and I suspect the Hive are creating interference, but not clearly enough. I will see it done.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Asher Mir: I heard it said once that great minds have always faced violent opposition from mediocrities. I am certain this is why my research is continually interrupted by imbeciles.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Zavala: That’s why I absolutely believe you are the right choice, Sloane. You are my trusted right hand. And I know as long as you are at your post, Titan will not fall.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Emissary of the Nine: I am the door. I open into the void. One day your masters will step forward. And then you will know.

** The Guardian waits at the radio.
Unknown female: The resistance won’t save us. The Vanguard has abandoned Earth. They aren’t coming back. We need fresh voices, new leaders.
Unknown male: This is not the time for a coup.
Unknown female: Then what is it time for? I see no plans from the War Cult. I see the Last City smoking in the horizon. The choice is simple. We find our strength or we face extinction.

Correction on the Emissary of the Nine. “One day THE masters will step forward”

Fixed. Thanks for the tip.