Lysander creating a force to assault the Last City?

As shown in the Lysander’s Cry, Lysander is rebuilding his faction once again. Could a new faction war engulf the Last City? If Lysander has found SIVA he could promise things to guardians that are willing to be bribed of sorts to join his cause.
Lysander states in the card that all guardians want something and if the has found SIVA then the “rare weapon” or " Secret" could be the gift that he is offering to his supporters could be remnants of SIVA pillaged off of Devil Splicers in the wilderness.

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That’s flawed reasoning, because it happening just after we faced SIVA doesn’t make sense. Yes, the majority of Guardians wouldn’t know what SIVA was, but after the Transmission crisis they’d be wary of something like that, regardless of who offered it. Lysander probably has something else.

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I also wouldn’t presume that Lysander has access to SIVA. For one things, it seems possible that, like the other faction leaders, Lysander is not a Guardian. I would imagine messing with SIVA when you’re not a Guardian would be a pretty bad idea. :smile:


Plus, while the other factions interfered previously, Lysander intends to depose the Vanguard. Added to the fact that the Concordat is no longer welcome and they’re just like any other outside force; I wouldn’t strictly call it a faction war per se.

The Concordat probably has Guardians again after all this time, but if Lysander is still focusing his efforts on recruiting, they’re not strong enough to be an imminent threat yet.

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I would say that Lysander is not ready to attack but in Destiny 2 we may see the fruit of his efforts and I would have to agree with Red I don’t think it would be faction wars more so a civil war kind of situation per say.

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Well one group attacking the Vanguard is hardly Faction Wars.

Also i doubt Lysander would want Guardians

If you had to guess, what would you say Lysander had planned?

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I’m assuming you meant his original plan? Well you see its a little spinfoil, but more inductive than anything.


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I’m more just wondering if this could be eventual content for Destiny possibly putting bigger focus on factions

i mean i think that’s obvious.

every little string of possibility, Factions, Hive Gods, Ahamkara, Rasputin, literally the House of Devils digging in the Cosmodrome. these are all either possible expansions/storylines or have already become.

I was just wondering with all the unconfirmed leaks with the city being attacked for destiny 2 that possibly Lysander could gain some sort of power in some way

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Having an outside force attack the City (Cabal, Fallen, etc) would certainly provide an opportunity for Lysander to attack if he chose to. The real question here, I think, is how strong Lysander’s hate for the Vanguard is. Clearly he likes guardians (in general at least) as he keeps attempting to recruit them. If he attacks the Tower while it is being attacked by another force, it could destroy a ton of guardians, leaving Lysander fewer to choose from. (Just a thought)

Also, I doubt it would be a complete Faction War as well-it would likely be Lysander & Concordat vs Vanguard/New Monarchy/Dead Orbit/FWC…Unless one of them decided to flee…


Dead Orbit probably wouldn’t give a shit about the fight, but they wouldn’t flee because of it


I think if this did happen it won’t happen anytime soon. Possibly the end of D2 or in D3.

Lysander and the Concordat definitely had unique ideas and were considered extreme. New Monarchy had a full on battle with them before they broke. I think Lysanders best bet would be to try and rally the exiled or rogue Guardians. I think we could see a City or Guardian civil war break out. We have seen more and more “rogue” guardians or guardians that do not agree with the Vanguard. Even cayde has beliefs that differ from the Vanguard.

We know of Osiris and Toland searching other forms of Knowledge and they basically got exiled or left. Saint-14 never returned after looking for Osiris. Efrideet is with a separate group that does not agree with the Vanguard. We also know the Reef, Variks, among others have different beliefs. We are reaching a time where the City is not alone and they don’t seem to be open to other ideas. So the Concordat might return and create a civil war.

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