Manipulate of the Grimoire

I have noticed that in a few Grimoire Cards, they always end with “o reader/player mine”. Could it be that this is the darkness messing with us, or that there is an entirely different entity. Or are one of the three who created the Hive messing with us? Check it out:

Ghost Fragment: Legends 3 — Grimoire Card — Ishtar Collective — Destiny Lore by subject

The phrase “Oh ___ mine” is used by two classes of creature in Destiny: Ahamkara, the Worm Gods, and Calus. In each case, this precedes or procedes the use of ontological power, power that directly concerns reality and its effects upon the subject being spoken/written to. It is a way of asserting an authority of sorts upon the hearer/reader.

So Calus saying “Oh ___ mine” actually carries the same weight as an Ahamkara or a Worm God? I always thought he was saying that to mess with us, knowing that we have dealt with, and killed, both a Worm God and an Ahamkara.

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In certain areas of his ship he does, like the Void Room with his giant floating head. It could also be exactly what you said. There is another option, whatever he saw in the End changed him. It is possible he acquired powers from the metamorphosis capable of ontological effects. The more likely situation is him using it to showcase his knowledge about us.

Definitely agree with all of that. Calus is without a doubt a very powerful being. I’m just not sure he’s on the same level as a Worm God or Ahamkara. I definitely think that what he saw in the end changed him. I highly doubt that he is the same Cabal (If he even is Cabal anymore) that got kicked off of his planet. He has changed, whether that be for the better or worse.

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I think there clues that Calus is much stronger as you think because we can see it through his relationship with Hive and Vex how he is toying them and pretty much everyone. He despises Savathun who is now pretty much as strong as Oryx who in his turn rivaled Worm Gods. So I assume that we can enlist Calus in Top-tier-power characters.

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