Me and me friend made this during a lore debate turned talk... yay

The Light, The Dark, and The Void were around since the beginning of the universe, and in The Void there lies a thought process that I do not know, but it still exists. When the earliest of early life formed, an entity “discovered” this thought process and decided to split itself into Nine proto-Ghosts it[The Entity]then made the Traveler(Light/Sky) and what I will call the Anti-Traveler(Dark/Deep) as prisms for these two cosmic things/energies. As life in the universe began and others ended The Traveler went around seeding life and terraforming planets to be suitable for this life, then The Anti-Traveler made these planets and such more “perfect”. And when the Traveler left Fundament, and the Eliksni home world it was searching for a combat form that fit the description of The Entity(humanoid) to combat the Darkness. When the human Golden Age happened, it saw that these things fit The Entity’s description pretty well. Then The Collapse, an unknown entity cut away parts of The Traveler(GF: Traveler 3) and the Nine theory is supported by lines 2-4 in Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 2 “But do you really know why you go where you go, and where this journey is taking you? The chase leads you where you need to be, you believe. Unless…you are being pushed”. The the Hive came here as a result of them chasing the Traveler(Books of Sorrow) and the Fallen came here in search of the Great Machine. And so, when Xûr, Agent of The Nine comes here to sell his exotic goodies The Nine are basically giving us tools we need to add variables their Light Entity vs Dark experiment.
NOTE: This hinges entirely on Byf’s theory of the nine and the long walk theory


I get this is old but I personally think this is a really cool concept and would love for people to look more into this!

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yeah i totally agree with that

Yeah, I love the thought that this is just an overly elaborate game. And maybe one day we will fight this entity???

Now that would be an epic battle

Indeed, but we would probably need to be a lot more powerful. Because this CREATED the Light and Dark. So that would be… well. Interesting to see how it would turn out.