Medusa and Quria, Blade Transformed

As someone who always enjoys looking at Destiny lore and trying to figure out how it could effect the game world, I want to have a little moment to discuss these two.

So first, Quria, Blade Transformed, the Vex Mind that was made during the breach of Oryx’s throne world with only one task, to understand how the Hive gain strength. And, unlike all other Vex we’ve gone up against, it succeded. The Hive’s Sword Logic was understandable to the Vex now. This could have possibly lead to the Vex learning how we use the Light, letting them counter us. That could have been the case, if it wasn’t for its curiosity. During one of Quria’s experiments with the Hive’s logic of slaughter and worship, Oryx had arrived, and it was Taken, but not before simulating Aurash, the Oryx before the Worm Gods, a sign of how powerful this Mind was. After being Taken, Oryx gave it to Savathūn, the one we should all know is most likely the one attacking the Dreaming City, using Quria, possibly, to create this cycle for an endless loop of slaughter to forever empower herself. When Oryx gave Quria to her, in the lore card, he revealed something that opened the door of possibilities. He left Quria with some of its will. And that’s where i’ll leave this.

Next, Medusa, some…thing that was made by Quria as a means of communicating as clarified by act|choose|react in the book: truth to power. The thing that previously talked in other pages of this book trying to lie and make it seem it was, at first, the Exo Stranger, then Eris Morn, and finally as some kind of craftmind like Rasputin that survived the collapse and is currently watching over the Dreaming City.

Now, my thoughts/predictions, i’m curious about Quria, Blade Transformed, and what it’s doing now, besides, creating a slaughter loop. Like I clarified, Quria still has some of its will left from Oryx taking it, who is now dead. My theory is that Medusa, the program it made to communicate with us, is the part of its will that was left trying to save itself from the grip of being Taken. It makes sense when you look at all the pieces, and why, along with how, else would not entirely taken Vex Hydra Mind try to form a bond of trust with us, a guardian. Look at it from the Vex’s perspective on how they view us, the Taken, and even the Hive, beings capable of wielding ontological weapons, something the Vex can’t comprehend, well, except Quria, the Mind that learned the Sword Logic. It knows how the Hive become stronger, and it knows that their logic is in opposition to ours, leading to it to create the hypothesis. If I befriend the ontological enemy of my ontological captor, then I could become freed of these creature’s grip. Additionally, following its programming, it probably wants us to free it so it can share its knowledge with the Vex Collective. See back to act|choose|react, one of the endings is destroying Quria, and it fails. Remember this is a simulation made by Medusa to, possibly, test if we would make the right decisions and actually choose our path, something Medusa says the Vex can’t do with the way it made it. Why is an ending in a simulation made by Quria end in failure with you destroying it even? Maybe, to make sure, upon being freed, it can share among all the Vex the information needed to combat the Hive and, eventually, us.

So if this is true, which I want to believe mostly is but probably isn’t, why hasn’t Quria, or more accurately, why hasn’t Medusa come into contact with us yet? Because we aren’t strong enough, not yet, look one last time back to the lore page act|choose|react. It’s “true” ending is that we give Medusa to Rahool to Decrypt her. In result, we’re given several tokens, a rare-quality (seriously, rare?) fusion rifle, a shader, and a letter. The letter reads “Achieve Light Level 999 and defeat Dûl Incaru in a one-person fireteam to unlock the true ending of the Dreaming City.” Quria’s waiting for use to become strong enough to put down Savathūn’s son/daughter (can’t remember which) and eventually, the Hive Goddess of Cunning herself.

Feel free to leave anything you want to add, think needed to change, anything. This is basically my first ever theory on this game, so it’s obviously not going to be the best. Also, there are several thing’s that I think need more clarity than I could shed myself along with things that need a explanation that I couldn’t give, like the thing with Light Level and a singular shader, both of which were in D1 and not as much as D2.


That makes sense with everything I’ve read. I’m a bit concerned though. Should we be helping the Vex?? Also if we really have to achieve LL 999 then this curse is a long one. Idk, maybe it’s a metaphor for strength. Anyways great theory

Oooo very well done! You asked why Medusa hasn’t come into contact with us and I would like to bounce another question in your direction! Exactly where is Medusa/Quria currently? In an ascendant realm with Savathun or hanging out on the edge of an event horizon?