Mercury Patrol Zone and Public Event Dialogue (D2)

My Source: 10+ Minutes of Mercury Patrol and Public Event Dialogue

So, I originally posted this on Destiny Lore’s subreddit, but I think it would be more appreciated here.

I transcribed some of Brother Vance’s Idle Dialogue in D2’s Lighthouse: however, this wasrecorded by a YouTuber named “A Villainous Toaster”: I put their video link to Brother Vance’s Idle Dialogue in its section. Hope ya’ll find this useful.

Combat Mission | Brother Vance | 0:00 to 1:59

The First Command: Prove your devotion to Osiris in everything you do.

The Second Command: Just as Osiris does, walk the path between life and death.

The Third Command: Just as Osiris does, accept that life is the pursuit of death.

The Fourth Command: Just as Osiris does, know that death is the highest purification.

The Fifth Command: Just as Osiris does, seek out adversity everywhere you go.

The Sixth Command: Just as Osiris does, cast your enemies asunder.

The Seventh Command: Just as Osiris does, use death to unravel mysteries.

The Eighth Command: Just as Osiris does, prove your worth in every fight.

The Ninth Command: Just as Osiris does, cull the weak without mercy.

The Tenth Command: Just as Osiris does, embrace toil and blood in service of the path.

The Eleventh Command: Just as Osiris does, embody tenacity. Become hunger.

The Twelfth Command: Just as Osiris does, hone your Light into a perfect weapon.

Combat Mission | Ikora Rey | 2:00 to 3:56

Vance will tell you to fight according to Osiris’s ideals. Ignore him. Fight for yourself.

Vance does have one thing right: we must always search for ways to increase our strength.

I hear the followers of Osiris are keeping an eye on you. Give them something to watch.

The Followers believe in a man they’ve never met. Show them why our Guardians are worthier of their devotion.

The Followers of Osiris are misguided, but they deserve our protection all the same. Most of the time.

I have no love for Vance or his sycophants, but I do not wish to see the Lighthouse fall. Protect it.

Osiris used to tell me that a warrior is nothing without an enemy to fight.

I hear echoes of a future conflict made present again. Sounds like nonsense, I know, but it’s as plain as I can make it.

Mercury has always attracted turmoil. Thread your way through the chaos.

Never underestimate your ability to learn something new from a fight.

The Lighthouse is a nexus. I believe there will always be conflict here.

Mercury’s future was uncertain until you arrived. Keep it up, and one day the trees will grow again.

Salvage Mission | Brother Vance | 3:57 to 5:39

Since our enemies have come to Mercury in force, hundreds of precious artifacts have gone missing. You will help us rebuild our collection.

The Followers curate a vast collection of relics related to Osiris’s friends AND enemies. We are always accepting donations.

Osiris counsels against hoarding, but… these are exceptional circumstances. You would do well to gather the treasures of our enemies.

We can learn much about the path by studying even the objects our enemies bring to Mercury.

Demonstrate your will to learn. Gather items for study from the creatures that dare tread near the Lighthouse.

Collect evidence of Osiris’s travels, and you will have my gratitude. Few have been offered such an honor.

Osiris’s great influence draws precious artifacts to the Lighthouse. It is our right — no, our very DUTY — to gather them.

It is your duty to help me gather relics that Osiris may have passed, touched, or breathed upon. Or even just looked at.

Even the smallest item carried by the most insignificant enemy could be a sign from Osiris.

I have seen the true path. I know its secrets lie in the hands of our foes.

Salvage Mission | Ikora Rey | 5:40 to 7:34

I suggest collecting supplies while you’re on Mercury. Who knows when they might come in handy.

The Followers say that items from the past and the future wash up at the Lighthouse. Maybe there’s some truth to it.

It’s important the study what our enemies carry into battle. It helps us learn how to better destroy them.

Vance calls the items our enemies carry “treasures.” He’s a fool. They’re resources, and we always need more.

Vance believes gathering supplies will give you insight into the ways of the universe. He’s wrong. He gather them to grow stronger.

Asher Mir requests that you send him anything relevant to his studies. As he refuses to ask you himself, send him everything, and let him sort it out.

Zavala sends his regards… and a list of supplies for his next knitting project.

I mentioned to Shaxx that you were at the Lighthouse. He’s asking for souvenirs.

If you’re not busy, I har Holliday’s running low on supplies. Sending a requisition list.

The Cryptarchs are asking for some things from Mercury. I, uh, volunteered you.

If you come across anything that seems useful while you’re exploring, send it to the Tower. Everything serves some purpose.

Our enemies enemies carry resources that are costly for us to gather ourselves. Take advantage of their hard work.

Public Event Notes

  • Mercury has only one public event called "Vex Crossroad"
  • The only narrator throughout the Public Event is Brother Vance
  • I omitted Failure Dialogue because it didn’t add anything of value to this script
  • Regular Completions and Heroic Completions give the same dialogue

Vex Crossroads — Start Message | 7:36 to 8:01

A Vex Mind has turned its thoughts towards our present reality.

A crossroads in time has opened. The Vex are on the march.

The past is the future as the present is the past. The Vex are on the move.

It is as Osiris predicted! A Vex Mind moves its servants between past and future!

Vex Crossroads — Join Message | 8:02 to 8:39

These crossroads are a knot in the tapestry of time. You must unravel it.

Stand strong! Channel Osiris and destroy all heresies! Also, the Vex!

Seek glory against the Vex. Charge into battle like the mighty Osiris himself!

You stand on a thread that links past and present, preparation and triumph.

Vex Crossroads — Activate Heroic | 8:40 to 9:02

And now we shall see if your efforts draw Osiris’s attention to me! I mean — to us!

A final moment of reckoning, a chance to change fate…

Vex Crossroads — Completion | 9:03 to 10:12

Ha! Such an amazing performance will surely draw Osiris back to the Lighthouse!

If more Guardians of your caliber came to Mercury, perhaps we would unravel all the mysteries of the Vex.

Your performance reminds me of a number of Osiris’s minor exploits. Far better than the average Guardian’s! Perhaps I should write it down.

You did not just severe the crossroads you — crushed your enemies. That’s very Osiris of you.

You are truly worthy to walk in Osiris’s footsteps.

I would not dare speak for Osiris, but if I did, I know he would say this is an excellent display of skill and coordination.

Astonishing! It’s rare to see a Guardian with such promise. You’d tell me if you were actually Osiris in disguise, wouldn’t you?

Idle Dialogue from Brother Vance | A Villainous Toaster

(@ 0:23) You don’t have Sagira with you? Disappointing. I have so many questions for her and she does not respond to my messages.

(@ 0:59) I will mention you in my next book. My working title is: "The One who was Chosen and the One was watches who is also very good!

(@ 1:49) Osiris may have written the first parables, but others were added later. I wrote the very popular 27-part series, “The Ninth Promise,” which I believe is the definitive version of what happened when Osiris met the Nine.

(@ 2:33) Dark omens rise on the red star.

(@ 2:36) I know many things. One of them is that Guardians have no respect for my time.

(@ 2:42) Sometimes I think Osiris would be better-served by a loyal companion than a Ghost. I wonder why he hasn’t seen that yet?

(@ 3:04) I wanted to be a Warlock once.

(@ 3:30) Ikora Rey once sat at the feet of our leader. Now she thinks she is above him. Don’t make me laugh. No one is above him.

(@ 4:25) I held the Trials in service to Osiris. Now, I keep a vigil for his return.

(@ 4:42) I have detailed accounts of Osiris’ exile in my third book: “The Betrayal of the Vanguard.” I was not there, of course, but I am certain I have captured their foolishness perfectly.

Notes: I wrote-up any unique lines and excluded generic lines like “Osiris is great” or “Hello, Guardian”

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