Mithrax, the Forsaken – friend or foe?

Apologies if this has been posted before - this is literally my first post on Ishtar-Collective!

I was watching the most recent video by Myelin Games on secrets endings to Enemy of My Enemy mission, and I found this to be super interesting. I had a lot of fun watching and wanted to share here. :alien:

If you have ever played the Halo series, you know eventually (spoiler!) that you go from fighting the Covenant to becoming its temporary ally, while both fighting against the Flood. Since Bungie has a way with repeating a lot from the Halo series for the Destiny games, it makes sense we could see a scenario where the Fallen are our ally (while fighting the Hive). Not a ground-breaking assumption of course, but Myelin Games video does a great job of showing evidence of different mission endings, complete with dialogue and speculation.


It’s definitely teasing the idea of that. But at the same time, I don’t understand why a Captain would let us take it. It’s losing out on making ether for its species. Seems like bad story teasing to me.

The Fallen are in disrepair from Twilight Gap because of the Guardians. I just dont see this happening with the way their honor system works. Also Mithrax had no choice, either it was stay and get decimated or a small short alliance with your guardian.

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Actually, maybe the Fallen want the Traveler back. Not for us, of course, but a shot alliance to secure their odds maybe?

Think history speaks for itself on that topic.

I was thinking that its possible that prince Aldrin and varkis are in fact in charge of a large group of fallen but not yet all fallen and that’s why they still fight with us and that this captain is in fact on of Aldrin’s fallen captains and was ordered to take the methane reactor but to not engage any guardians unless fired apon first which is standard operating procedure for clandestine operations. And I think this is supported by the fact that the fallen captains attempts to find the reactor is what tips us off to its existence so I think its reasonable to infer that when Aldrin or his crow’s were out among the Jovian’s (which is why skolas was given to and then released from the nine) he had stopped off on titan and descoverd the existence of but not the location of the methane reactor. And once he came to power and realized how desperate the fallen were he gave orders to locate and secure the reactor but to not engage gardians or reveal his control

What I think you’re referring to here is Ghost Fragment: The Queen, where one of the Techeuns tells Mara, “More of your brother’s Crows have entered the Cauldrons of Rhea.” Is that right?

If so, be sure to note that it was Uldren’s Crows who are said to have been in the Jovians (specifically Rhea), not Uldren himself.

Other than that, I think you’re on the right track.

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