Multilanguage lore

I don’t know if anybody asked, but should be multilanguage. It would help a lot to follow the lore.

I know we use English as a lingua franca, but some of us who like Destiny and wanna keep the pace with the lore have difficulties reading about metaphysics, technology, philosophy, physics and astronomy in English. I don’t know, Bungie has some things in other languages. I think it wouldn’t be that hard to apply this “simultaneous multilanguism” to the biggest database the game has. Lore books, objects, armors and guns. There is already a page with the grimoire cards in other languages so it’s not necessary to translate that, neither transcriptions, but at least the lore on the gear and books would help a lot.

(I know Bungie has the books in the triumphs section on their website in different languages, but you have to achieve them while they are already published on Ishtar Collective, but in English)

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Multilingual is the word you are looking for, not multi language

this should really be put in the “feedback” category. But it is a great suggestion nonetheless!

Thank you for the suggestion, I’m on it.