My hopes for the future of destiny [possible spoiler alerts]

Turns out it was probably a servitor, but those metaphors are so good in destiny.
Now I know what is at the bottom of the hell mouth.
Now I know where the fallen traveler hides.

The idea that the dark traveler was the one behind the gravity waves that created the black hole, and in this realm the awoken lived eternal lives brings the concept of perception, from one point of view the dark traveler is destroying the solar system when Rasputin blasts it into the moon, but on the other side of the coin the gardener was plucking the best fruit to ascend to a higher reality of their own making.
In all possibilities the travelers could of been working in tandem to save the universe from the hive the only way they knew how, ascension for the worthy, and destruction of the hive food source for the rest.

Please add a spoiler warning to this. I like the theories, but SPOILERS. I know its not much at al, but still.

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The title is my hopes for the future :blush:

I was talking about the screenshot, and things surrounding that.

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Sorry for that, I realize now what you mean. :+1:

:+1: 20 characters yeet

Watching the text scroll in the FFC spinfoil lounge today, I had an idea about the black holes in destiny, if Mara and the awoken went into a created black hole and basically created their own universe. Then Mara left her black hole to return to our universe.
Now thinking about a universe inside a universe by way of a created black black hole, and now the lore that Calas went to the edge of our universe and saw the nothingness open up for the pyramid ships to be visible.
So could we be in a black hole created by the first to inhabit it?
The idea that destiny might have 3 realms of reality, it follows with many other concepts in stories with heaven and hell, but with a Bungie twist.
Such madness and depth in a web of story telling, so many possible outcomes.

Then what layer do we live in? Purgatory?

If the awoken came back from paradise into our universe, and the pyramid ships came into our realm from outside also, I believe they would of come from the abyss or hell or void, the earliest or lowest realm depending on how you view it I guess.
The traveler and gardener might be creating universes inside of universes, to escape the hive/darkness.
With each new realm a new version of the darkness is created (who knows):eyes:

BUT by that logic, only four or five races would have been blessed, thus only five realms.

Well we know of the awoken realm, and our realm, could our realm of been created in the whirlwind of the fallen? Not sureπŸ‘€

I believe the fallen whirlwind was actually the arrival of the hive/deep to take out the traveler, less so a universe altering event

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