My idea for a fourth subclass

What if the fourth subclass was instead of us, the guardian channeling light, what if it was our ghost channeling pure unfiltered light. Imagine this subclass where the ghost takes front seat on abilities and supers and not us.

I was thinking about calling it the Path of the Ghost or Path of the Light. I came up with this as I was thinking about how ghosts are pretty defenseless.

What do you guys think?

I’m not sure I can see any way this could work without Ghost shattering. Have you thought of a way for Ghost to acquire this ability and safely use it?

I was thinking due to the TWAB we saw last week with all of the future plans in destiny and the white board season/ year list, I saw season of hope with the words fix. Maybe we fix the traveler and get some sort reward whilst inside of it.

needless to say lots of spinfoil

I just thought it would be cool so I put it on here

Definitely would make ghosts more useful

like imagine instead of an arc soul one of the abilities of path of the ghost is like a arc soul but the ghost shoots little light lasers and you can scan the area to find items or enemies

“I got you in my sights”

No not that, anything but that, we don’t need aimbot in a game that already gives you wall hacks if you’re somewhat accurate and crouching.

I know but i just want a workable non game breaking version of this subclass

@thebladeofhades Theorized a fourth subclass could be the manipulation of the Darkness instead of light.

BUT in my mind, this could easily be an idea I have been cooking up in my brain box. It was originally another tree for either void or solar Warlocks called the “Attunement of Calamity.” This is essentially Nova Warp on steroids on maybe a bit more steroids. Your body essentially turns into something like those assassins from MIB International but it’s pure energy, destroying all in its path. Now this has no place in game, because this would be HECKA OP.

BUT, for just writing (and in my case, roleplay) this will be a whole lotta fun. But either way, think Stormcaller+Nova Warp+Steroids=Attunement of Calamity