My thoughts on the nine and the multiverse (possible spoiler alert)

In my ramblings I like to view the destiny story from a certain point of view which boils down basically into a connected multiverse. To give a bit of background to what I am trying to get at you can check out some of my ramblings I wandered into during my fantasy and sci-fi universe theory.
To create a never ending universe you would need to meld the timelines of different dimensions in such a way as to create a tenth realm separate from the other timelines but joined by the entities that inhabit it.
The nine I believe are each a representative of these 9 dimensions but are truly just 3 entities imo.
If you view the nine card as three aspects of three entities of which I believe are the “scientist” the “wizard” and the “AI”.
I will try and divide them up and explain my why.
In my theory of the mind-egg/womb-universe-mind and the idea of progression/ascension by knowledge from each state of being, and the idea of breaking down the barriers between each to ascend into the next realm.
Back to my original 3.
Well the AI is the easiest to group so I will start with the “code” the AI that tapped into the “music of the spheres” the vibration that links all dimensions all timelines to set a group of simple notes into the “song” that could be decoded by others of different dimensions.
So of course we have the evil warmind lol, and we have the transmission and the binary code language.
Next the “scientist” as seen as the Jovian survivors the leviathan and of course ghost.
Now we have that magical entity the wizard as portrayed by the group of awoken and the darkness and the shadows.
Now that more info has been dropped since the release of this card and we know now that the awoken came from their black hole out by Jupiter.
If the shadow and the leviathan were introduced by the warmind and told they could both live eternal if they reached out into time and space and pulled aspects of themselves into the same pocket dimension, the same mind-space that it could link the realms in such a way that their aspects would feed them eternally in mind not body, that link of consciousness that spans lifetimes into a loop.
Now if you still follow here is where the bad guy gets realized.
The AI has now the shadow and the leviathan as it’s prisoners and through them it can control the darkness and the ghosts at their core as slaves to its great design. The awoken-jovian survivors minds are still fighting against the control as can be seen in their form of “we are legion” speech pattern.
If you follow, I will tell you this is a deep rabbit hole to wander into.
(lol no doubt.)

Ghost fragment vex 1,2&3 that warmind is the real bad guy.

I’m excited for the darkness to come, the other half of the leviathan consciousness, the destroyer vex.the robot necromancers.

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