My thoughts on who nokris is

There is a scanable in the dradnaught that speaks of a hive known as nokris and I think I might have an answer to who he is. So in the books of sorrow the first king that is spoken of is the unnamed king that is oryx’s father. The scalable that tells us of this character called nokris it is stated that nokris is a hive God that is not in the world’s grave, this leads me to the point of my theory nokris is oryx’s father. This would make sense because he was killed by taox way before the world’s grave was created and his statue in the dreadnaught is right next to his son and grandson. In the books of sorrow we know that Oryx was most like his father because he seeked knowledge. So oryx and his father most likely really were bonded which is why he has is statue next to another really important family member crota.

When I say oryx’s father I also mean the ozmium king.

But Oryx father was a krill. He wasn’t Hive and so he would live a short life (only mothers life longer lives).

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Why would that matter.

He’s dead, Jim. He was also never named in the Books, not once.


Yeah that adds to the story he’s dead so he is not in the world’s grave. And necessarily does not need to be alive
Just rememberd.
And he is not named in the books meaning they just left out his name and it’s up to is to figure his name out.

Good news for you as it appear Nokris is in this next expansion, as the herald of one of the Worm Gods (Can’t remember which one I saw). Unfortunately he isn’t Oryx’s father, as Oryx’s father died on the Fundament, which was the whole reason the Hive were created. If he had survived longer, then Taox wouldn’t have needed to betray the sisters whom she didn’t think could lead. No death of their father, no need for them to seek revenge, they simply rule then die. Darkness contained.

so the Bungie’s entire plan for the hive is daddy issues? sounds like the MCU without infinity stones.