My view on the new Uldren video

The video I’m referencing I will try to link later, but basically, in the video, a ghost, who I think is Pulled Pork from this lore tab:

This said the ghost flies around the dreaming city then comes across a body covered in a white tarp. The ghost then revives that body, and guess who it is… It’s our old friend Prince Uldren!
While most people may immediately be outraged by Uldren becoming a guardian, I think it may be good, so I’m going to make my point.

  1. He won’t remember anything
    When people are revived as guardians, they lose all memories of their past. So, Uldren won’t remember anything of what happened.
  2. He met the three things the Speaker said it took to be seen by the Traveler
    The three things the Speaker said are Devotion, Sacrifice, and Death. Uldren met all three of these criteria, as he was devoted to his sister, he sacrificed everything to save what he thought was his sister, and he, well obviously died.
  3. He was never really evil
    If you really look at it, he was never truly evil. He may have been a jerk, but he wasn’t evil, and everything he did because his sister/riven told him too.
  4. He has some character development
    I would love to see a campaign around Uldren, as he has a background and he has some deep emotions and struggles. What I would love for Bungie to do is either make a separate game or an expansion where you play as Uldren after his resurrection as he tries to figure out what happened before his death and looks for his sister, as he may have had something on him about her, like how Cayde said he got rezzed with something about Ace on his body. I think that if this campaign was a solo deal, it would add more depth and separate from the always multiplayer feel of the other Destiny’s, as Uldren would likely be alone in his journeys, as everyone hates him.
    This is just my idea of what may happen, so please tell me what you think!
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I agree with all of this tbh, but do you think the Ghost is Pulled Pork?
Also, I would like this to be a time where we can play the Guardian out, complete with a dialogue system, (But look where that got us, didn’t happen did it? What with them saying there was one for Devrim.) to where we could choose whether or not we kill him, or keep him alive begrudgingly, or even getting over our differences! I would totally give ole’ Uldren the Ace, why?
He killed Cayde. So therefore he deserves the Ace, along with everything else. (Cept’ Colonel.)
Besides, I can’t pay off Cayde’s debts myself.:laughing:
Anyways, I hope that this choice will lead into something good, this might be another chance at doing something well and doing it right.

I think that the ghost is Pulled Pork because the shell has a sort of purple sheen to it, plus it reminds me of some of the Reef shells from both destinys. Also, the lore said he was searching the Reef area, so he was likely next to the Dreaming City.

Hey @LordSaladPan,

I’m sorry, I know we don’t have any solid rule written down about this, but I think it’s best that we don’t discuss this until it’s found in game.

I’ve marked this topic as unlisted for now, and I’ll have a think about updating the rules to make this more clear.

I’m so sorry! I had no clue. I’ll try to think about if the topic is in game yet or not. Sorry!

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No problem, and thank you! :smile:

what if uldren doesn’t have a class but instead he just uses like pure light not like you know void solar or arc but pure white light, wouldn’t it be crazy

Yeah, or maybe instead, the Pure Light is more of a combination?
Maybe that’s going to be the fourth subclass!
If we side with the Vanguard, we get Pure Light, and if we side with the Drifter, it’s a Darkness Subclass?

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oh dang i didn’t think of that at all!

I’m not fully sure about that though, but the quest rewards only seem to be a care package of some sort but I have no idea the loot inside it.

That would have been cool, but sadly the rewards are not that great. The Drifter gives you one of each token and a random piece of gear/weapon, while the Vanguard gives you an enhancement core, three boons of the vanguard and a random piece of gear/weapon

But think, they could do this. We don’t quite know what this allegiance thing will do, so maybe.
Just maybe.
We might get it.

Maybe. It does say that will affect the game permanently, so maybe it will do something in Penumbra or later in Joker’s Wild. Hopefully we do get something better. Maybe its a trial for a quest that will give different exotics or something?

now that sounds really cool but what if uldren in the search of who he is in his past life finds the bones of riven or something of that sort and gets his memories back