Need help with creating the toughest quiz ever

I am new here so I am not really sure where to place this one. If it is in the wrong place or inappropriate, then I sincerely apologize.

I am setting up a quiz for D2 related questions and I need some help with tough questions.
So if you have tricky questions based on lore or in game information, then send it to me in a DM.

If your questions get into the Quiz I will add your name to the question so everyone know what evil genius is responsible for it :slight_smile:


A destiny quiz is a great idea, it could bring some great lore to light that hasn’t been looked at in a while


Here’s a good question
Is the Darkness evil?

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TBH the traveler is more evil than the darkness

Explain please.,.,.,

The traveler has (that we know of) ruined 2 entire civilizations (eliksni and humanity)

Let’s move this to a new thread. I want to hear more of your justification for this but here is not the place.