New class idea for destiny 2

Now I know destiny 2 probably doesn’t need a new class and this would probably never be added anyways but I still thought this was a good idea so here we are, constructive criticism is very welcome.

Class name: Warden

Class description (what you see when you preview the classes during the creation of a new character): Wardens, They were risen who thought they had simply been skipped out of having any light based powers until one of them ascended the ranks and became more.

Class armor: Warden’s crown
Description of class armor: The warden’s crown is an armor piece of a usually circular design that sits upon the warden’s helmet, there is at least one crown to represent every enemy type from every enemy faction.

Class abilities and class stats: This is where the warden truly shines! For unlike the other three classes that are staples of the destiny franchise the warden works very differently. Your class abilities, movement and class stats are all dependent on what armor you equip, here is the chart for movement abilities and stats based on which faction you are wearing the most armor from:

Fallen: The fallen give the warden the movement ability of only jumping twice but jumping higher than most guardians in a singular jump, the stat affected most by fallen based armor is mobility.

Hive: The hive’s grants the movement ability of lift a usually short but powerful lift of the character into the air and across the battlefield, Hive armor affects the recovery stat the most.

Cabal: The cabal gives the guardian a single jump which after using this jump you can use a jet pack for a few seconds afterwards to extend your jump similar to how the cabal move around in game, Cabal armor affects strength the most.

Vex: The vex grant the guardian a short range teleportation similar to blink but works slightly differently (due to lore reasons about how blink works), The vex affect the Intellect stat the most.

Taken: The taken give the guardian the ability to have a shorter jump height but jump 4 times, the taken affect the discipline stat the most.

Scorn: The scorn give the guardian to jump once and also scale walls for short distances, The scorn affect the resilience stat the most.

Abilities: now I haven’t thought up any abilities for the different factions yet, however I have a basic idea of how warden abilities work. You don’t gain warden abilities from leveling up, instead you gain abilities by equipping armor from different factions and then defeating an enemy type a certain number of times, an example would be equipping vex gauntlets and then killing let’s say 500 minotaurs (numbers may vary based on balancing) and because of that you gain a ground slam as your melee ability.

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:thinking: this is kinda cool ig