New Errata Page

@DrJazzyBebop posted a new Errata page! I would highly recommend you read it, it’s very good. Here’s the link:
It goes over different aspects of the Shin and Yor story.
I’m not taking any credit for this, just wanted to share it. It’s all @DrJazzyBebop.


Thank you very much for sharing my post! :smile:

No problem! It needed to be shared. It’s amazing. Stinks that not very many people know about Errata. Tons of great stuff on there.

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I looked at the one on a rough guide to speaking Eliksni

I enjoy reading the errata entries. You can tell the work that goes into each is not trivial.

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Thank you! Glad you like it! :blush:

Baxter tweets about new blog posts on the Ishtar Collective twitter (@IshtarColl). There is also a link to the Ishtar blog on the Ishtar site, but it may be easy to miss. I suppose other ways of getting more people to read the blog posts are by posting links on places like Reddit and in Discord servers. Agreed that there’s a lot of great posts on the blog!