New Exotic Bow (Made For Hunters But Oh Well)

Who was titan vanguard before Zavala?

I believe it was Saint-14.

K, as in terms of vanguard in a story I am making i’m Trying to be accurate

Alright then that makes some sort of sense. I think that making it use special ammo would be a better fix, but that does make some sense as a way to balance it out.

@xd_MattTGMYT Thank you, a bow with high impact! The Void perk would be cool, although I’m not a fan of dragonfly with bows, I had a Subtle Calamity with dragonfly…it was so messy. Anyways, I agree, we need more bows.

(Range wise, for real life compound bows, 30 to 60 yards is the usual range to be lethal, I don’t know about long bows, I just know that no range is too far for Legolas. My Hunter aspires to be like Legolas :+1: )

Well after reading all of the comments (thx btw yall) i have now updated the stats so it should be decently fixed, any other problems spotted plz tell me.

This bow shoots about as far as a nerf gun

so i kinda forgot that this was meant to snipe as well, it’s fixed up now.

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