New Exotic Bow (Made For Hunters But Oh Well)

I was thinking that Destiny needed more exotic bows, so i made one!

Name:The Hunters Right
Archetype:Energy, Void
Weapon Type:Bow
Frame Type:Precision Frame
Ammo Type:Special Ammo

Range:130 Yards
Reload Speed:46
Draw Time:684
Hidden Stats:
Aim Assist:64
Weapon Size:61
Bounce Intensity:22
Bounce Direction:Tends Vertical
Intrinsic: The Path Of Shadows:Each Precision Kill Grants 4 Seconds Of Invisibility And When Hitting a Target Causes A Void Explosion And Grants Increased Reload Speed.(Upgraded Void Firefly)
Natural String:Slightly Increases Accuracy, Handling Speed, and Stability.
Straight Fletching: Increased Accuracy
Opening Shot:Improved Accuracy And Range On First Shot Of Attack.
Trait:The Hunters Way:Increased Accuracy And Range When Invisible.
Description:Don’t Gotta Worry About Gettin’ Shot When They Can’t See Ya’.-Epiales
Lore:In The Crucible I Always Branched Off, Hid, And Sniped At The Other Team, But I Wanted A Weapon Where I Can Still Do That, But In The Field. So I Went To Banshee To See What He Could Do, And Man Does He Never Fail To Impress…pulls arrow in bowstring.

Four meters isn’t far what are we firing here a limp doodle?

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i didn’t mean 4, ive changed it

There we go, 8 yards is much better

Now 'old on a moment…

Each arrow = smoke grenade
What. The. Heck?? Why has no one questioned this, basically you are just making a nigh infinite invis prock. It would be much more appropriate to have this be on a head shot kill rather than just every arrow shot. What scares me more is that I can’t find a notation of the reserves size so to me what this says is “100 rapid fire smoke grenades with an easy enough recharge” which is just horribly broken. In theory (for writing purposes) this is a fascinating and amazing concept. But in game this would be horribly horribly broken.

One more gripe, the Capitalization Of Every Word Is Really Jarring And Annoying To Read And It’s Improper Grammar.

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you are right on the infinite invis front there, i’ll change that, and the capitalization, I Don’t Know Why I Do It.

I Know It’s Just Bothersome For Me. Sorry For Being A Stickler.

ohh I thought It was a second message, just was too lazy to read it

WHY. I’m going to kill someone.

Why what? I don’t… I don’t get it…

Oh I Don’t Know, Maybe It Has Something To Do With Some People’s Typing Style.

Ah Haha, My Bad My Guy

Honestly I’m willing to look past some faults, but an 8 yard range? That’s miniscule compared to other bows. Is that to help balance the bow?

Well Then Man Deal With It

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Yeah, cause well its made for instant kill so it has to balance out somehow…

It’s a bow not a shotgun it’s meant for range

Could make it take special ammo to balance it out. Then it will function like a linear fusion or a sniper rifle

or just make it a heavy weapon and buff it a bit