New Exotic Hand Cannon Concept

My concept is a exotic hand cannon (sorry for the repetitiveness) but here are the perks

Intrinsic:This weapon fires slowly but hits with increasing force.
Barrel:Fluted Barrel (+5 Stability)
Magazine:(Custom Perk) Overkill Magazine: With each kill you have a chance of getting a round in the mag and get a regen boost.
Grip: Polymer Grip (+10 Handling)
Trait:This weapon grants a overshield with each kill
Name:The Hammers Might

And i forgot to add it would be a energy weapon with a solar archetype

The Hammers Might shudders the meta would never be the same

im guessing that a good thing?

Please we do not need a gun version of one -eyed mask PLEASE.


it would be cool tho



i would love if bungie made this a real exotic tho

I really like this idea, but how does it hit with increasing force?
Like the lower you get in the mag, the more damage it does?

Yes, I believe that’s how it would work.

So it’s basically a buffed version of High-Impact Reserves :slight_smile:

Or it could be that successive hits increase the damage of the next bullet.

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Did you all hear about the Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten nerf? Talk about of a waste of time…

Changes to Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten are not related to this topic, so please refrain from discussing them here. Discussions about nerfs in general are not really appropriate for this forum and are better suited to other places such as reddit.


it increases from successive hits

ya i got luna yesterday it is a waste of time now…

Why does everyone think that’s bad. It’s not that bad, and its still not set in stone anyways.

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I sure do hope so, because Luna and not forgotten are amazing no matter how people use em

Sorry but I just realized I forgot some stuff but here are the description, stats, and lore
Mag Size:12
Reload Time:2

Description:Forged Under Aodh’s Hammer

Lore:Stuck In A Hive Crypt With My Ghost On Scout I Was Thinking Of The Hunter’s Golden Gun When I Heard A Shriek And Saw My Ghost Haulin’ Tail And Behind em’ Was A Whole Horde Of Thrall, Then I Let The Hammers Fly Only, They Weren’t Hammers But Bullets, I Looked Down And Smiled… - Aodh

Imagine this on a hunter with blade barrage and shards of galenor