New exotic idea, Fang (self wrote and made)

wrote this a little while back, apologies for and writing/lore errors I wrote this all at 12:00 midnight

There tells a tale of a gunslinger who would travel in a great pack, his weapon known by all in legend as Fang, or as Mech-1 would call it “my Fangs”. Mech-1 was an exo known to hang among those in the Tower. But aside his easily accessible location, Mech was quite a secretive and hidden individual only showing up in public when

“the gods themselves needed killing”.

Because of this all knew what he was but not who, the who reserved for a very select few in the tower. These people mainly consisting of the sparse vendors of the upper levels of the tower and the vanguard, his visits vanguard mainly being for the notorious Cayde-6.

The Hunter Vanguard, known for his quick wit easy laugh and skillful use of his weapon, the Ace of Spades.

Ace of which, was a hand cannon like Fang. Fang was made up of multiple varying different things the first was something Mech had tried to build a storage device for the light in a tablet form similar to the ones he had heard of in oryx’s domain, when this failed he kept the misshapen engraved stonelike material for later use. Much later on a hunt looking for a notorious fallen captain Mech befell a great and massive wolf of which he fought with his old sigitare weapon, the bloody crimson,

a hand cannon like no other with a burst of three bullets and a large bayonet attached to it. When the mighty wolf was downed Mech-1 scavenged its body in the bloody cloud his crimson had left healing him of some wounds, his ghost; Rose, healing him of the rest. After finding what had not been torn to shreds by crimson had been the wolf’s bottom jawline and a singular paw, finding these mech skinned the paw and created a leathery fur and burned the meat off the bone to salvage the claws.

Long before the attack of the red legion mech was draw to the E.D.Z. for there had been rumors of a dark forest that had sprung up around the broken shard of the traveler. Apon finding such a shard he dug into it to find a small crystal of pure light, upon which he melded with his crimson and the help of banshee-42; the weaponsmith, he created a gun that needed no bullets, only the light from its user which would be stored into the crystal so its user may fight even when the light has left them, upon fusing the crystal Mech-1 had an idea to see if his old try at the tablets of light may work, grafting it onto the hand-cannon, of which, to Mechs surprise started glowing a dull grey, and with a sudden CRACK,

veins of light began to spread among it leading to the unadorned barrel of which, Mech for reasons unknown attacked his trophies of the wolf he had killed years back. The final product was a bright gemlight shard sticking from below the handle. Rising up were veins of glowing light that flew over the textured handle itself leading up the the beginnings of the barrel, where a band of teeth sat tied around just where the handle met the trigger. After through the veins continued among lit up runes of a burnished grey, crisscrossing and flowing like a spider’s web until the end of the barrel was reached upon which sat a triangle of grafted fur on both sides and two claws curving from both areas of fur, under of which crimsons old bayonet stood later to be replaced the the longest fang Mech could recover.

When this masterpiece was done, is qualities had altered from its old form, it now only shot a singular bullet of which would glow the same grey as the runes, upon a critical hit mech would be reinvigorated as his packs health would recover, depending on how many of his pack there where his weapon would increase in power up to the point of 4 players upon which his cannon would glow a ghostly white sheen and one bullet of his would deal much more damage, this damage decreasing the less people he had with him. It’s said Mech never really had to reload, but every 8-9 shots or so his gem would glow dull and it would be recharged in a quick time

thanks to @ember-1 we have a sketch of approximately what it looks like

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This is the custom hand-cannon I made for my character hope you like it!

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I kinda had the idea of a VERY heavy handcannon, where Headshots would blind enemies, and had a Hereafter effect where it would cause a blinding aura blast on headshot kills. And it’s ammo was little Exotic shards.

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I would like to see something like that in game, mabye even as a special ammo weapon seeing as how good the blinding effect would be, or on the flipside without the blinding shot and just have a VERY heavy handcannon without the perk.

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exotic perk: luck of the pack
one bullet the chamber does more damage, the more people in your fire-team the more damage it does max of 4, if two people have this weapon in the same fire-team it will split both by half.

secondary E perk: light charger
extremely fast reload speed hold x to charge the mag half per .5 seconds

sights: eyes of the wolf
when you aim down sights you can see the footprints of the last person you damaged

barrel: Runic barrel
same stats as hammer-forged, adds visual effects

handle: runic textured grip
same stats as textured grip adds visual effects


impact: 76

range: 67

stability: 98

mag: 8

reload speed: 98

handling: 60

Zoom: 10

Aim Assistance: 50

Recoil Direction: vertical, little recoil

RPM: 180

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I like it, the idea of being able to track people would be pretty fun. Especially if you made a Gamemode out of it using the Custom Games.

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quite a fun thing indeed, maybe a 1v1 / 2v2 where you would have an invis team and a tracking team


That’s cool and all but I wanna see an image…

if i could find such a person with some skill in art i would love to post an image

I would say I’d love to but I am the suck at the draw thing. (I know that is improper grammar, it’s on purpose.)

I can try my best based on the interpretation, though I can’t say it’ll be like “Wow amazing.” Just a 2d drawing.

Meh, mine would be as well so no judgement here bro.

anything would be fine ill do a rough sketch for now