New Exotic Quest

Heya guys, i have an exotic quest this time, yes a quest, now onto it.

Your mission starts with Shaxx, You go to him and he tells you “Ah, if it isn’t our hero? I would like your help, My Redjacks were on Titan scouting the area for a large increase in Hive, but now they are all disappearing. Could you go and take a look?” You accept and travel to Titan and find parts of the Redjacks, explore the area till you find a lab entrance you haven’t seen before, once you enter it’ll show that you are in a Darkness Zone.You hear hundreds of screaming Thrall and decide do venture deeper. You find a Half buried chest (what its buried in, well you don’t wanna know) you pull it up and open it, what it contains is a Hive tablet that reads “The one who finds this within the hour, they will be granted godly power, venture to the keep to find what you seek.” (just saying this correlates with Shadowkeep.)The Thrall start pouring out coming at you from every direction (Just like in Crotas End) You must find a way to escape.Another Quest Step appears telling you to go to the EDZ and search out “The Camp” (Shin Malphurs camp) And search around for anything leading to the hive. You find another tablet but is is fragmented, once you pick it up it tells you to kill Guardians in the Crucible (35), Generate 150 orbs of light, and then complete the strike “Savathuns Song”.After that You have to travel to the Scarlet Keep and search within for a portal, once you enter it, It tells you that you have entered “Oryx’s Throne Room.” and it appears you are in a Darkness Zone, a mission starts along with a 10 minute timer and the only thing it reads is, “Survive.” you fight hordes of Thrall, Acolytes, Knights, and Ogres,They act as the ¨Shield Breakers" (Kill them to break the bosses shield) all the while trying to kill the boss “Mira, Final Descendant Of Oryx”, the bosses crit spot is a large crack in his chest and once you defeat him a chest drops, the loot it contains is a Guaranteed Exotic called “Miras Wish” (the concept info will go up later) and 5-10 legendary weapons and armor will drop. Go back to Shaxx and tell him what happened to the Redjacks then head to Ikora and tell her what you saw.

Cool quest but a bit short

ik, its still in the works.

20 minutes of survival tho why 20 minutes of all things?

its only for the survival, nothing else has a time limit

Yeah but most survival in destiny only tops at 10 minutes, 20 seems a bit time consuming (except if you consider raids as survival)

oh, well i’ll chop it down to 10

This is a bit off topic but if bungie just did 24 hours worth of server maintenance why are servers still at capacity?

several million trying to log on all at once will do that.

*thousand. @Melkor_Darkstar destiny 2 broke it’s record of concurrent players, which is now 200k apparently. Or that’s what I was told.

Hmm, I was seeing several million on the player tracker websites I was looking at. DTN and another I forget.

dtn is showing 15 million tracked players rn, but I am having a hard time find numbers for yesterday. I did see some sites saying over 200k tried logging in on steam which, assuming slightly greater numbers for consoles (say 300k each?), would put the total at 700k, much less than that several million i was seeing.

Quest is now complete, anyone have any ideas feel free to tell me and i’ll add em’

I like the concept for the quest. Except for shooting ads for ten minutes straight. That part would just be an absolute slog i think.

Yeah, Mira could be out the whole time and you have to kill certain ads to break a shield or something?

hmm, so kinda like a mini Last Wish?

i´ll make the changes

ok, weapon is finally done. Here is the link