¨Mira´s Wish" Exotix Quest Weapon

Here is the quest that correlates to my weapon: New Exotic Quest

Weapon Type:Hand Cannon
Archetype:Aggresive Frame


Reload Speed:60
RoF:150 RPM
Magazine Size:16

Hidden Stats:

Aim Assist:65
Recoil Direction:50
Weapon Size:55


Perk 1:Intrinsic: Light Stealer: (PVP) Each shot with this weapon disables your enemies light for 5 seconds (stops all abilities) and poisons them.(PVE) Each shot slows an enemy for 5 secs. if hit twice the enemy stops completely for 5 secs.
Perk 2: Extended Mag: Adds more shots to the mag and slightly increases stability
Perk 3: Outlaw: Precision kills with this weapon greatly decrease reload time.
Perk 4: Trait: Dark Bringer: When you hit 3 crits in a row this spawns a poison cloud. (similar to how wizards do
Lore: Well Guardian…You’ve Finally Done It…You Have Beaten Us…But Don’t Think Your Done. We Will Always Come Back…And Next Time…We Will Be Ready…

… we had truth, titan frisbee the gun, then deathbringer, nova bomb the gun, and now suppressor nade the gun

on a different note this thing would invalidate supers sorta breaking the game, but also not
also has a ridiculous amount of impact for a lightweight frame, in fact looking at it this thing rivals crimson in pure stats, that paired with the suppresor nade/ Le Monarqe mix of an exotic perk it is way to OP

Wait so what weapon type is it? I couldn’t see. I assume it’s a hand cannon

judging by the rpm + impact It would seem to be

The intrinsic perk seems only useful in pvp

Some weapons are like that

Name 1 exotic weapon perk that can only be useful in pvp

Mida radar and the ace radar

Radar is useful in PvE (especially when your trying to snipe enemies from a distance)

the last word is almost useless in PVE

Memes tho, people use it for memes so not completely useless (but I meant there’s no exotics that intrinsic perk is only usable as in can’t be used for anything except pvp )

we seem to be getting off topic at this point anyways, a good detail nontheless

But is keeping your radar while ads on ace of spades really that useful? You wouldn’t be trying to snipe with ace, not like you could now anyways.

And yes let’s get back on topic

Not with ace but mida or a sniper and knucklehead radar

so a few things, 1.i didn’t mean to put lightweight frame, i copy and pasted a old hand cannon and forgot to change some things,2. i am very aware that this will be OP, that is the point of it, the quest is difficult, so the weapon should be rewarding, and 3. any more complaints or issues, please feel free to let me know.

It’s just titan suppressor grenade as a gun

Also a good way to make this useful in PvE is to make it slow enemies in PvE

done, if you have any issues, lemme know.

even so this weapon would never see the light of day were it a possible idea to add to the game, It would be required for every raid, every serious nightfall, hell every crucible team, and Jesus the gambit implications