New Secret quest

So a new secret quest came out last night for destiny 2 and this is a place for people to discuss it and post updates on the quest progress

what quest? (20 char)

There is a new quest that you go to Osiris to acquire it involves decoding symbols on the obelisks and using them to figure out the correct rooms to go through in a new mission started in the sundial area where you go through a door that matches the correct symbols for the code

It is not one of the random Quests that they use to get old exotics from D1 into D2 because those quests can be done without having the season pass but this one requires the season pass therefore it isn’t as I guess important as one of those quests but it is nonetheless interesting

Just gonna put this question in here now, since someone will definitely ask this later. What’s with the grave in the Timelost Vault?

All we (or, more accurately “I”) know is that it belongs to a guardian due to the fact the case’s cover has a ghost in it next to the sword’s handle. It can also be guessed that this person was part of the Vanguard, or close to it, from the insignia of the Vanguard being seen at the base of the tomb. Finally, whoever this person is, they have something important about them on Earth, as seen with the grass and concrete rubble the grave sits on, that we have only seen in places on Earth.

Right now, i’m researching the lore for any mention guardian that can fit this description, “wields a sword, part of (or close to) the Vanguard, commonly known (for whatever reason) on Earth, and has some connection/involvement with the Vex.” So far, i’ve got nothing. The closest i’ve gotten to anything was a guess from a friend of mine saying, “maybe it’s the hunter of their (Saint-14 and Osiris) group.” And i’m (mostly) certain that’s not right because, and feel free to correct me if i’m wrong, the Hunter Vanguard of the time was Andal Brask.

It’s confusing. I’m at the point where, if this is a character that will be brand new to the series, i’d be fine with that.

As far as I know the community consensus is that the coffin is our own coffin and it’s showing that we will inevitably meet our end and like we did for saint 14 he will return the favor and give us a weapon to help us prevent our inevitable end

Definitely think that this whole secret puzzle will lead to us getting that said sword from Saint-14. It will be our version of the perfect paradox.

Yes and the weapon could possibly be a heavy due to the database but at the same time the quest seems to lead to something that seems to lead into the Bastian quest so we don’t know the definitive reward.

Where any of the Iron Lords involved in the Vex? It sounds like it could possibly be one of them if they beat and battered enough Vex, but more likely it’s us.

The current community consensus is it’s us I haven’t seen anything new about it

Welp…I guess now we know who that grave belongs to…


Yep but knowing what happened with saint I would say we probably will find a way to matrix our way out of our final end just like him (as in probably being saved)

Also I really hope our last mission in the destiny series will not be like halo reach where you fight to the last breath

What if you get saved by yourself and the final mission is you fighting with yourself who, at least, uses the same super, and as best, uses almost the exact same loadout. Imagine two hunters both using Gunslinger - Sharpshooter and getting a bunch of precision knife kills. Or two warlocks both using Stormcaller.

Lol that would be fun but also take a lot of programming because it takes a minute to program an ally character that uses the exact same load out as you