New Tower..? Pls help

So I saw the new season and I’m very confused.

Everyone’s talking about the “new tower”/airship base/operation zone.


We don’t know

On one hand, It looks like the Vanguard hall from the Tower in Destiny 1 but remodeled. Which would make sense because, if you look at the old Tower from the Courtyard, you can see what looks like construction being done.

On the other, if you look at the article on, it’s described as a “spaceport.” So it might not be the Tower. But it also isn’t exactly a “'space’port,” since you can see the Last City through the window.

So, yeah, we don’t know. In my eyes though, it definitely looks like the original Tower just redecorated and rebuilt. You know, after Ghaul blew it up at the start of the Red War.
I hope it is, I wanna go home.

Yeah. I miss the table where I could T-Bag Zavala. My favorite parts were when I sat next to them too long and eventually they got pissed and Ikora was like “WHAT IS IT? SPEEAAAK.” And Zavala was like, “Im very busy go bother someone else.”