Nokris -- hypotheses?

So, the only info we got on them is a Ghost scan in Regicide, and that is they are a Hive god of an unknown sect and have no record or mention anywhere.

Because of its placement beside Crota, they are either brothers or sister and brother and they did stuff together before Crota was kicked out for his follies; or else another son in Crota’s absence, and who doesn’t get any notable mentions in the Books of Sorrow.

Mother is out of the question, otherwise she’d be placed somewhere beside Oryx, and the Osmium King is also out of the question because he’s 1): not Hive, and 2): was killed, thus undeserving of life or even recognition, if Oryx’s reaction to simulated Aurash is any indication.

So what are all y’all’s thoughts? Any reason beyond a possible plot point to expand for later? What do you think “Nokris” could be.

I’m just throwing it out here.


Could be a future DLC?
He dosen’t seem like much of a threat at this point, no strange powers or abilities.
And we killed the most powerful god of the hive so his underlings being more powerful wouldn’t really make sense.

A future DLC is likely, yes. Possibly an heir to the Taken King’s throne and power.

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My initial thought upon discovering Nokris was that they could be a sibling of Crota who wronged Oryx in some way (more harshly than Crota cutting a hole in his throne world?) and was sealed away, which is why we don’t have any mention of Nokris in the BoS.

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Nokris could have been erased by the Vex like Praedyth too.


Nokris will probably become the Taken King/Queen after Savathun. With Savathun showing up in a lot of the Taken bosses, that’s the next Taken King.

Actually it’s the Taken Queen because Savathun is female. Unless she changed entirely like Oryx.

Well, Nokris doesn’t show up anywhere except on Oryx’s Dreadnought so yeah, he might have been erased.
Just like @RedRenegade said.

If Nokris does reappear as the Taken Queen, Bungie would be repeating things over and Over. Maybe she’ll be part of a DLC but not have one all to herself after Savathun. Hopefully we get more info in a Hive/Taken based DLC for Destiny 2?