Non cannon fan created Rasputin grimoire card

So i’ve Always thought it would be cool to see Rasputin as a guardian so this is a fan created lore card for this idea and if anyone wants to see this story in a full form after he becomes a guardian let me know.

Type: Transcript

Description: Conversation

PARTIES: Two [2], One [1] Confirmed, One [1] unconfirmed



[u.1:0.1] [REDACTED] you really need to stop, you shouldn’t try to be one of them

[u.2:0.1] Ana you know better than anyone if you want to eventually end an enemy one of the easiest ways is to become them

[u.1:0.2] we need you here on mars, in your chamber not out and about the solar system fighting hive and others alongside guardians

[u.2:0.2] I need to do this, I need to learn how to end them and bring humanity back to it’s height

[u.1:0.3] [REDACTED] the body you built to transfer yourself to can’t handle the extent of your mind and knowledge

[u.2:0.3] Ana the body will suit my mind, it is built with the best golden age hardware, it’s built with exo hardware

[u.1:0.4] what if the ones running the deep stone crypt find out? They could erase your memory or steal your secrets

[u.2:0.4] Ana calm down, I built a fire wall into the body that not even the ones in the Deep stone crypt can bypass I’ll be fine

[u.2:0.5] I will also lock out my mind from access to the secrets and erase my memory until it is necessary for me to gain it again when I quote “resurrect” as a guardian

[u.1:0.5] well then stay safe [REDACTED] and make sure nothing goes wrong

[u.2:0.6] don’t worry Anna I will

[overhead radio] stand back please, exo mind transfer has been started and will take one hour to complete