North American Empire

After watching a documentary on the YF-23, i realized that it looks like something that could fit into Destiny’s universe no problem. So i hopped on Discord and said that i was gonna make a non-canon story about the Cabal and / or Fallen invading Edwards AFB (where the YF-23 and a bunch of other prototype planes where built) to scavenge for whatever they could find. A fireteam is dispatched by Zavala to see whats going on over there and to find whatever they were hoping to get and bring it back for ourselves. While discussing the location, it was brought up that much of the American continent devastated by the collapse. Then it was mentioned of a North American Empire, coming from idle chatter by Rahool in D1, confirmed by a forum post in 2015 about the existence of such an Empire, but wondering why there was so little information about it.

So now my question is, what is known about the North American Empire?

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Knowing Bungie, they are probably going to sell it as DLC.
Just wait.

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I was thinking that the North American Empire could be Panem from the Hunger Games.