Notes for Beyond Light: Season of the Hunt

Wanted to share some of the work that I’ve done on the various lore entries / books from this latest release - I have the bones of it done…so now going to start going back over and inputting various trivia factoids / comments on the various pieces and calling out connections or new information that is important. I cleaned up the presentation of all the available lore books, but am curious for anything you would be willing to share as far as easter eggs, trivia connections (like word definitions and possible connections there), or overarching themes/details that you’re liking so far from this season!

Please note that there could be some spoilers, depending on your view of such things (as they are not fully “unlocked” in game currently - especially with some of the lore books). Other than that though, I have tried to steer away from anything specifically datamined that I am aware of.

That all being said, really looking forward to what y’all have found so far!

Link to Mind Map Notes

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