Now that we know more...I bring up a question

Note: This will contain spoilers to Witch Queen. Mainly the raid and the lore involving it.

Now that we know more about the Worm Gods, and by that I mean that they are more or less natural creatures of the universe who made a deal with Rhulk to survive, I would to bring back up the lightly discussed question…

“Are Ahamkaras and the Worm Gods the same?”

  • They both are titanic creatures (typically)
  • They both naturally possess somewhat “magical” powers
  • They both seem to have a tendency to speak the phrase, “O _______ Mine”

In the world of Destiny where the only real 100% fantasy thing is the Light and Dark, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the reveal that Ahamkaras and Worm Gods are something akin to Humans and Monkeys.
Starting as the same species, but growing differently through centuries of evolution.

Because we can’t deny that, even though Destiny is a sci-fi shooter, a lot of the stuff it talks about has some grounding in real world logic and science.

Stars above, I’d hope not. But, given what the Worm Gods look like when preserved (and cut open, giving us a neat lil cross section)…I doubt they’re one and the same. Plus, the Ahamkara were hunted to extinction—er…sort of, ignoring Riven, her egg, and the fact that the information suggesting that they have been hunted to extinction is possibly made by the Ahamkara.

I could see it being a thing, though. My best guess is that they came from a similar desperate situation but were never directly related. Just like Guardians aren’t the first to get the Light (and obviously we aren’t at all related to the Hive), maybe they aren’t the first to get help from the Darkness-aligned beings?

Speaking of science, there is a thing called a worm lizard that’s reeeeeeeally distantly related to true lizards. Not very relevant, but sort of funny if you think about Worm Gods looking like this.