NPC Dialogue included?


Is any dialogue from NPC’s included in the Lore site?

I spent a bit of time listening last night and overheard some really odd things.

A Reef Guard referred to Ikora as a “magical terrorist”. Lakshmi-2 mentioned she was there " when House Devils burned London". Brother Vance mentioned Eris and the Darkness (although didn’t hear all of it sadly).


Not on the Collective, but the Destiny wiki has some dialogue from various NPCs. It’s under the character’s name/dialogue (for example, Not all of them are there, unfortunately, but a good chunk of them are!


Should they be included in the site? They link certain themes/people so might be useful.


@pirate_dani is working on that.


I have video clips if that would help. I’m not sure how to tag someone, sorry.


The difficulty with including NPC dialogue on the Ishtar Collective is that it doesn’t really fit with the way that we currently do Transcripts. To record NPC dialogue you tend to have many very long videos with very little actual dialogue in it.

We have ideas for ways we could improve this, but they take time to implement and other things have been higher priority.


So I started recording, subtitling, transcribing and cataloging NPC lines over a year ago. The project has become a behomouth that sinks more time than No Mans Sky. Because of the RNG nature of it all, I am no where near finished.

Getting it into the collective while it’s in a not completed state would be misleading and quite shoddy. Plus the afore mentioned problems with formatting and the nature of the videos.


Best of luck!
If I had any clips I would surely give them to you.


I feel like such a thing would have to be a coordinated effort. People are assigned to certain locations or missions, and it can be done in shifts or something along those lines.

It’d get a little dull hearing the same lines over and over, but I couldn’t imagine anything else being as efficient.


its not so much that its dull. The actual recording of the dialogue is easy. Its getting the sound bites in a usable format and transcribing everything that takes the longest time. YouTube have an automatic CC system… that does not work very well with destiny specific terms. I know. I tried very hard to make it work. Ended up transcribing it all myself manually. And because it is so time consuming, its a lot to ask people to volunteer. It represents a huge chunk of time which most people would rather be playing the game. However, if you are interested…this is where we are at so far