NPC dialogue transcripts

In an effort to document all the NPC lines we hear in the tower, I have been compiling a data base. But I need help as the project is going too slowly. I have over 600 entries but I’m no where near recording them all.

I would love any help anyone could give. From sitting and recording some dead time yourself to passing on a random recording from you were checking your post master.

There are a couple of things that the entry needs to be:

  • The dialogue must be clear. (No other talking or music)
  • It needs to be subtitled (I have been accepting single submissions or super rare tower announcements without, but generally, they need to have subtitles added on YouTube)
  • You must be the owner of the video (and give permission for it to be used this way)

I’ve got loads of video clips (the reason I asked is because I have 20 gigs of clips to get rid of before D2 lol). Do you want me to trim between the lines or leave as solid 5 minute blocks for YouTube?

So far I have Brother Vance, Variks, Lakshmi-2, Eris and the Speaker recorded (about 15, 20 mins of each at least).

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That’s great!! As you can see, I don’t have much from The Reef, so I’d be super excited to have that dialogue.

Like I said, the video needs to be on YouTube. And I need it with closed captioning / subtitles. It’s the only way to get accurate timestamps. And with subtitles it’s possible to link directly to the specific part of the video. Don’t bother trimming, just subtitle it.


couple things I noticed in the transcripts:

  • “Chrome molly” in Banshee should be “chrome alloy”
  • “cerapeous” in Eris should be “carapace”
  • “Trader talk” in Hideo should be “Traitor talk”
  • “the stores struggle” in Lakshmi should be “stars”
  • “??? may be present” in the tower announcement says, I believe, "icons of the Elationist faction may be present." This is the only serious thing I was able to find about anything called “Elationist”. There seems to be a Destiny player called Elationism too
  • “…radiation and (?) stability” (line 382) in tower announcements, the (?) is “NLS”.

That’s as far as I got. I will look more at some point


Ah yes. You may have spotted the fact that I haven’t proof read anything. And I’d be more thannhappy if you would like to continue on giving me corrections.


Lines 70 and 71- You spelled Omolon wrong.

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thats great. Ive gone through and made the changes. the closed captions and spreadsheet are now correct. didn’t actually take me as long as I thought it would. Better get onto uploading the next video.

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