Oath of the Titan

Been on a Game of Thrones binge, so I felt inspired

The Oath

Humanity is fallen, and so my Watch Begins.

It shall not end until my Last Death.

I shall Live and Die by my Post.

I am the Light in the Darkness.

The Watcher on the Wall.

The Arc that Lights the Path.

The Hammer that burns The Dark.

The Shield that Guards the Realm of Humanity.

This I swear, by the blade of Radegast.

I stand Watch.

Until the Last Night comes, and Darkness Reigns.

I would put “strikes” instead of “burns” because without knowledge of the Hammer of Sol, it would seem odd, you know? Because hammers don’t traditionally burn things.

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Just a question…

Why are some words capitalized, and some not? It makes Oath of the Titan look a bit… odd…

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I was playing with some of the proper nouns(Light, Dark, the Wall) and to only capitalize some words felt off. Idk I might play around with it.

Burns comes from the original Night’s watch oath- “The Fire that burns the cold”. I adapted it for the Sunbreaker’s hammer. Although I do like the note. Perhaps a draft two is necessary.

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Can we get a Warlock Oath and a Hunter one too?


Oooooh. I like. I have a feeling it’d have something to do with finding the truth at any cost for Warlocks?

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For sure! I’ll get on both.