Ok what the hell was the CHASM event


i have no idea what to make of the chasm lore so could someone give it to me in a comprehensive version.


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Welcome Shy! What lore are you referring to? Could you link it?

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I believe you’re referring to this. CHASM is a file name created by Maya Sundaresh and used in her logs about the Device. FWC continued the tradition of using CHASM as a designation. There also could be a possibility that the Stranger’s “BRIDGE” is a reference CHASM, as the Stranger bridges the chasm of time. But that’s a bit of a stretch.

All CHASM is is FWC records detailing their experiments with the Device, a machine that can grant users visions of other timelines.



Cool. Also welcome Shy! Believe me. I am on the same boat with you on lore. Though I have read the entire Book of Sorrows (Because let’s face it. It’s damn cool.) and suggest reading that.

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I will agree that the Book of Sorrows is a good place to start in the lore if you don’t already have something you want to read. And it is pretty freaking cool.

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Thanks! ive already read the book of sorrows and thats what got me interested in learning more about the lore of destiny!

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I see, so who is maya? i was always a new monarchy guy so never really learnt about FWC

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Maya Sunderesh (sorry if misspelled) was to my knowledge a researcher at the Ishtar Collective (in-game one not lore website) who was primarily researching the vex and ended up realizing the vex that they were studying were simulating them and then their group (along with the simulated groups) decided to rescue the simulated scientists cause none of them were actually sure which of them were real at that point. Long story short there ends up being a bunch of Mayas and other people exploring vex simulations to learn about them. Someone correct me if this is wrong I don’t want to spread false lore



Maya Sundaresh was a researcher at the Ishtar Collective during the Golden Age. She and her colleagues studied the Vex. During their research, they realized their Vex subject was simulating them. That’s bad. For one, if the simulations have subjectivity (i.e. they can form opinions) then they are technically sentient. Secondly, if it can run subjective simulations, then odds are that the real Maya Sundaresh and her team are actually simulations run by the Vex. That’s extremely bad.

So, Maya and her team get Rasputin to pop in and say hello because a Vex theoretically can’t simulate a Warmind (because they’re too smart, I guess). It works and it turns out they aren’t simulations. Whew! They then extract the simulations from the Vex and all 227 of them agree to be sent into the Vex Network to explore. Therefore, there are a potential of 227 Maya Sundaresh’s out in the Vex Network still learning about the Vex. The real Maya lands a job in Lhasa to study the Device. That is when she begins her CHASM logs and the rest is history.



guys i want to thank you all for your help, this was one of the lore tabs i just couldnt make sense of

thank you!



@abowlofruit12 and @Grimlock205 thanks for helping me figure that out, i’m still a fairly new person to the lore and the website so thanks!

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No problem always happy to help